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Make complaints about the unexpected winner before listing, but now they are selling three months in the market.

2021-08-26 09:11:16 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of SAIC GM Wuling , Maybe many people will disdain its cheap car ; But there's no denying it , Wuling has become a synonym for divine vehicle . And then its brand-new independent brand Baojun , It inherits and continues Wuling's high quality, low price and accurate market positioning ; But before almost every generation of cars is officially launched , Always make complaints about the outside world , baojun 560 It's like this , baojun 510 In the same way , Today's Baojun 530, The same is true .

baojun 560, As a product, it is not very outstanding SUV models , But Baojun can always find a pricing trend suitable for its survival , But it can also make it a model of a generation of divine vehicles . After shutdown , Facing the major mainstream domestic car enterprises in SUV The strong momentum in the field , But Bao Jun used 510 This low-end SUV, Harvard, who is about to sell at a sky high price H6 Pull down ; That's all , People have to admire it “ Dark horse factory ” The country of . however , Holy chariot, precious steed 560 After all, it's still out of production , There always needs to be a successor , Yi Baojun 510 It is not enough for our products to go naturally ; here , No matter in appearance or configuration, it can be called an upgraded version of Baojun 510 Baojun 530 Born from this .

indeed , In Baojun 530 The moment when the price comes out , Many consumers have expressed disappointment , More voices from the outside show that he is not qualified to take over “ God car ” baojun 560. But Baojun 510 The reason why we can achieve great achievements , Isn't it because it doesn't ignore the appearance of the product because of its low price ? And Baojun 530 The appearance design is better than Baojun 510 But it's better than ; Interior materials and workmanship have also been strengthened . And its advantages 4655mm wide 1835mm high 1760mm,2750mm The wheelbase , Such body size as a standard 5 seat SUV Come on , It's hard to have room to play . Besides , motivation , baojun 530 It carries 1.5T and 1.8L Two different displacement engines , The maximum power is respectively 150 Horsepower and 137 horsepower , Transmission system ,1.5T Engine matching 6MT or 6 Fast double clutch gearbox ,1.8L The engine matches 5 High speed mechanical automatic transmission (AMT); On these terms alone , On collocation 7.58 ten thousand -11.58 The sales range of 10000 yuan , Is it really expensive ?

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