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The future sports car 4S store appeared and hung the dragonfly LOGO! Passerby: I thought it was selling leather shoes

2021-08-26 09:11:20 Oriental Information automobile

Car as a large commodity , Although it has gradually become the just need of the family , But it can't be sold like daily necessities or household appliances . After all, no one sells cars in supermarkets , Because selling cars doesn't just show , More importantly, supporting services , therefore 4S The store is particularly important . For old car companies ,4S The cost of opening the store is not high , Because of good reputation and high sales , So I don't worry about sales channels , For example, Volkswagen Toyota and other brands have many stores in many small counties .

Future car

But for new car companies , It's really not easy for sales channels to grow from scratch . For example, future automobile has launched several sports car models one after another , however 4S The store hasn't kept up yet , Some fans don't know where to buy a car at all . Recently, cars began to lay out offline 4S The construction of the store , At present, four stores have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu , These four cities basically cover the sales channels in all regions of the country .

Future car

But because the future car brand is still relatively young , Many ordinary people have never even heard of , So after the store was built, there were many passers-by . Through our street visit, we learned that , Most passers-by really don't know about cars in the future , Even after seeing the dragonfly logo at the door of the store , I thought this shop sells leather shoes . After all, the logo of red dragonfly has always been associated with clothing and leather shoes , Suddenly a car salesman appeared , It's really a little strange .

Future car

If we go deep into it , The future of the car really has good expectations , Because now the purchasing power of domestic consumers has become stronger and stronger , Many young light car fans have strong fantasies about sports cars . And the threshold of big sports cars is really not low , Domestic sports car enterprises like future automobile can occupy the blank Market , For example, the new future K20 Sports cars may hit 20 The sports car market within 10000 , This is right 90 Even after 95 Later said it was very tempting .

future K20

Future car

But the sports car is only a minority model after all , You can't rush sales like Langyi or Carola , Therefore, the offline sales channel layout of future automobile is also very cautious , First, promote in big cities , It can also radiate the surrounding counties, districts and cities , Such a strategy is very consistent with the current strength of future cars . After all, the future K50 The pricing range of the model has reached 75 Wan grade , It's not so easy to think of fire ,75 You can even buy a Porsche 718 That cool sports car .

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