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Honda CRV hit a three wheeled motorcycle. After seeing the condition of the two cars, netizen: I give 82 points

2021-08-26 09:11:28 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Honda CRV This model , In fact, there are also 10 Years of history , In the meantime , Good sales results , It has also accumulated a lot of users for Honda , But every time I say Japanese cars , The topic of security can't be bypassed , So let's take a look at its security performance , There was a Honda not long ago CRV Hit a tricycle , After seeing the condition of the two cars , Net friend : I give 82 branch !

According to an informed netizen at the scene : That morning, in front of a shop not far from his house . A Honda CRV Hit a three wheeled motorcycle , The specific cause of the accident is unknown , Because it's early , At that time, the powder shop had not opened yet , So no one knows how the accident happened , I only know that the tricycle belongs to the powder shop owner , Parked outside the shop at night , guess CRV The car owner doesn't matter .

From the photos of the accident scene , This Honda CRV The loss of the front of the car is quite serious , Bumper 、 The hood 、 All panels such as China Grid and fender are scrapped , The headlights are all damaged , It is estimated that the internal water tank has not been spared , And the windshield has broken into a spider web , But the problem is not serious , The overall body structure, engine and other large parts are intact , Fix it and you can continue to use it .

The situation of tricycles is not optimistic , It seems that Honda CRV It was knocked over directly , The body is terrible , Almost scrapped ! After sharing these photos online , It has aroused heated discussion among netizens , One of the netizens said : I give 82 branch , The rest is still in 666 To this Honda CRV More appropriate ! In terms of vehicle damage , There's nothing wrong with that , After all, it has improved my safety of Japanese cars .

Small make up has words : I always heard that Japanese cars were unsafe , But judging from the accident , Honda CRV My performance is not bad , It can even be said to be very reliable , Otherwise, netizens will not give such comments , I don't know what you think

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