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Known as the "troublemaker" of the joint venture medium-sized SUV, it has a nearly 5m body with a standard configuration of 2.0T and 8at

2021-08-26 09:11:32 Oriental Information automobile

China is a big country of automobile consumption , The car market is quite huge , And China's population is quite large , People's willingness to buy cars is also quite high . Therefore, many automobile enterprises have come to China , Want to make more profits . In the past, the most famous enterprise was Japanese cars , Korean cars and German cars .

in the past , The performance of Korean cars is quite good , But its market performance has declined gradually in recent years , Many popular models have become marginal automotive products . As a representative of Korean cars, Hyundai Motor Group is also very anxious , China is a huge market , Therefore, he urgently needs a high-quality product to obtain good sales , Prove your strength . It is called a joint venture SUV Of “ spoiler ”, near 5 Meter body , Standard configuration 2.0T Add 8AT.

Hyundai Group is also quite powerful , Recently, a new Shengda car has been launched . This car is the flagship of Hyundai Group SUV automobile , With very high strength , The overall quotient performance is very good , meanwhile , This car has a very high cost performance , At present, the price of this car is 20 More than ten thousand yuan to 27 Ten thousand yuan between , The strength performance of the whole car is comparable to that of Volkswagen Tiguan .

The design of the vehicle can be said to be very trendy , Korean cars are best at vehicle appearance design . The front face of the vehicle is a black honeycomb front face design , meanwhile , The split headlamp is adopted . The appearance of the car is quite radical , And on the whole, it shows a very good appearance , Make the car look more beautiful and generous . The side performance of the car body is very crisp , It reflects the very good power and momentum of the car . Compared with other models , The same aesthetic , The car's shape is more distinctive .

In terms of the interior of the vehicle , The performance of this car is also very satisfactory . The internal layout of the car is very reasonable , Overall, the use of space is also very good . The vehicle is equipped with large central control screen and LCD instrument panel design , These reflect a very high level of scientific and technological design . All vehicles adopt intelligent interconnection system , Very convenient . The door lock of the vehicle also adopts fingerprint verification , It can reflect a very high sense of convenience and comfort .

And about the power of the car , This car is equipped with 2.0t The engine of , At the same time 8 at The transmission . The power is still very guaranteed , The maximum horsepower of the vehicle can reach 240 code , And the torque of the vehicle can reach 353 Cattle meters . in addition , This car is better than before , Perform better in all aspects , And there are certain discounts on the price .

so to speak , This car has a very good level . So what will its market performance be ? Let's see .

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