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This car claims to have realized fully automatic driving. Netizen: I always feel less

2021-08-26 09:15:45 Oriental Information automobile

As the technology continues to evolve , There are more and more black technologies in the automotive industry , Even many industry experts suggest calling cars household appliances , After all, today's cars have begun to be fully electrified , Even exist 100 Years of internal combustion engines are now under pressure to be replaced . In fact, with the advent of intelligence , Perhaps the biggest change in the automotive industry is intelligent driving , To put it bluntly, that is, highly intelligent automatic driving technology .

W MOTORS Autopilot

Although automatic driving has been mentioned for many years , But according to the current strict classification , Can achieve l5 The level of fully automatic driving car has not appeared yet . At present, most mass-produced luxury cars can reach l2.5 level , For example, the latest technologies of Tesla and Audi . However, an unusual new model was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show recently , The car claims to have reached l5 Level 1 fully automatic driving , And will be in 2019 Mass production in .

W MOTORS Autopilot

In fact, this car brand is not familiar with , A new car brand from the UAE w motors. We don't ask whether this car can really realize full automatic driving , Let's see if his design is reliable ? In terms of appearance , The car remains 4 Wheel design , However, the overall shape is very different from our common cars , The shape of the front part of the car is quite complex , Adopt integration LED Light source headlights .

W MOTORS Autopilot

The side door section is almost completely transparent , You can see that there are two rows of seats inside , The door is opened in a manner similar to the wing door . Because this car can fully realize automatic driving , Therefore, there is no instrument panel in the cockpit , Even our most familiar steering wheel is not equipped with . A multimedia screen system is installed directly in front of the front seats , Able to provide a variety of entertainment needs , Many netizens said they always felt that there was something missing in this car .

W MOTORS Autopilot

The first and most missing thing is, of course, the steering wheel , After all, people claim that they can completely avoid the interference of human drivers , Then the steering wheel is useless . Secondly, there is no seat belt on the seat , This may be to express the engineer's confidence , Because fully autonomous vehicles have highly developed sensing systems , In theory, there will be no accident , So this car is not equipped with any passive safety facilities . If this car can be realized within two years , I don't know what it would feel like to sit in .

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