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Highest appearance value, with 12 inch screen, netizen: "domestic A7" rolling joint venture!

2021-08-26 09:15:56 Oriental Information automobile

For domestic cars , To put it better, it's called cost performance , Hard to say, it's cheap , This time BYD launched Qin Pro edition , It has caused quite a stir at home , The reason is because of this appearance configuration , If you change to a joint venture brand , Minimum 15 ten thousand +, But the selling price in China is 7.98-11.58 Ten thousand yuan . Many netizens exclaimed :“ domestic A7” Direct rolling joint venture vehicle !

First, from the appearance of the car body , Although this car is called Qin Pro, But the appearance is completely different from that of BYD Qin before , The front face becomes more fashionable , Especially the design of air inlet grille , The shape is more exaggerated ; Headlights are highly recognizable , There are LED Small lights , The effect is obvious after lighting . Smooth profile , The waistline is slender and sexy , Solid wheel hub design 、 fashion . The tail adopts the popular through tail lamp design , But above the tail lights , BYD's design team has added a silver decoration , This design is unique , Lead the trend without losing yourself . The whole Qin Dynasty Pro Its appearance is several grades better than that of Qin .

The qin dynasty Pro The interior adopts the latest popular minimalist style , Integrate a large number of keys into 12 Inch central control screen , Xiaobian still likes it relatively ; Of course, Qin's interior is also good , Full of sense of technology , The only similarity should be on the multi-function steering wheel .

In terms of space, you can figure it out by breaking your toes , After all, it's Qin Pro, The appearance size is more than a star larger than Qin , The feeling of space is also more prominent , One meter eight adults sit in Qin Pro There is no depression in the car , Xiao Bian looked , The qin dynasty Pro The length, width and height are respectively 4765*1837*1500mm, The wheelbase 2718mm, Although the manufacturer defines it as a compact car , But from the data , It's very close to an intermediate car . Configuration is of course a feature of domestic cars , BYD is also a leader in domestic configuration , The configuration of the low configuration version is already very rich , Not to mention the high configuration version .

motivation , choose 1.5L and 1.5T Two engines , This kind of 1.5T Engine riders should be familiar with , Some time ago , The song dynasty MAX The fuel consumption debate appears on this engine , But Xiaobian also gave the answer at that time ,1.5T The engine goes to tow 1.7 Ton song MAX, It's strange that the fuel consumption is not high , But this time in Qin Pro On , You can rest assured , Not before “ Little horse cart ” The phenomenon of . There are very few reactions. The engine makes a strange noise , Of course, very few . The transmission adopts 6 Double clutch speed , Daily driving is enough .

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