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The new generation of "AMG g63" was officially launched, the terminal price rose to 2.458 million, and the configuration was upgraded

2021-08-26 09:19:56 Wei Xiaohua

lately 2022 Mercedes Benz “AMG G63” Officially listed , Unparalleled styling with unparalleled performance , Yes, of course , And unparalleled prices ! This car has a halo at the factory . It is reported that compared with the old model, the new model , The terminal price has been raised 22.92 ten thousand , The final terminal price has also come 245.80 ten thousand , Yes, of course , If you increase the price , Obviously, this car is running 250 More than ten thousand ! This is also what netizens said , This is definitely a tyrant's toy .

The new model continues the classic design , Similar to big G The square body still shows an infinite sense of power , The difference is that this car comes standard AMG Exclusive Kit , It also makes it stronger in recognition , Including trapezoidal network + The shape of the air inlet grille of the straight waterfall grille is the same as that of the conventional version G There is a clear difference . stay AMG blessings , Its headlights are composed of two shapes of ring and vertical , The effect after lighting is more shocking ! From its front enclosure all the way back , Put the front and rear wheel eyebrows completely together , The whole car adopts a three-layer segmented waist line , On the one hand, it can show the longer waistline treatment of this car , On the other hand , The whole muscle feeling is also unreserved ! Forged double fork hub is also AMG Exclusive design .

In the tail , The tail light of the whole car still adopts the sinking shape design , The external small schoolbag has also become the standard configuration of this car ! In addition, the whole rear enclosure is inlaid with AMG The English logo of , It also shows your identity . And inside the car , We see this latest AMG G 63 It continues the double of cash models 12.3 Inch screen design ,COMAND The panel of the interconnected interactive system also remains AMG The consistent style of the model , suspension 、 The exhaust pipe can be directly set separately . A frosted decorative cover plate is also added in the whole center console area , All interior designs can be called “ Artwork ”!

The picture shows the rear design of the new car , It seems that the thickness of the entire rear seat cushion is slightly general , But you can rest assured , Because the seats of this car are fully ergonomic , Not afraid of the size and thickness of the seat , There is no doubt about the comfort !

Yes, of course , Given the AMG Blessing , Power is definitely something that can't be ignored , The new model will be equipped with 4.0T V8 Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum power output 430kW, The maximum torque is coming 850N·m, Transmission system matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , coordination AMG Performance4MATIC All-wheel-drive system , There is no doubt about the performance of the whole , Just the price , According to the current market , The landing price of the new car will basically be 400 All around , The toy of the local tyrant .

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