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A new generation of "civic" appeared low-key, officially launched on September 24, equipped with high-power engine!

2021-08-26 09:20:12 Wei Xiaohua

Honda “ The civic ” As one of the current automobile sincerity, it appears in the form of sports A Levels of car , These years of development can be regarded as closely following the trend of market development , A good time difference , Therefore, we have achieved very good results ! But today , The original civic strategy is no longer suitable for the current development , For example, this single sports element model is not enough to cope with the current development of the automobile market , Therefore, various auto enterprises are also gradually changing , And this civic makes the same ! lately , This kind of 2022 The civic is also appearing on the streets of China , Xiao Bian, according to the news ahead , The new car has finished the road test , Making final preparations before listing !

As said above , The new generation of Civic has made great changes , It brings a new visual experience both in appearance and interior ! Let's look at the front face first , No longer like the previous model, the sports elements are more abundant , On the contrary, the design from headlights to grille is more fashionable and lifestyle , You can also see this car as a small version “ The accord ”! However, the vertical front enclosure formed against the grid still retains some moving elements , In particular, the built-in horizontal bar type decorative strip and so on , Diversity is at a glance !

On the side , Similar to the big German brands, the blade waist line just runs through the whole car body. On the one hand, it will further lengthen the length of the car , On the other hand, it can also highlight the side of a sense of power . More Than This , We also noticed the wheel hub 、 Rearview mirrors and A column B column C The columns were all blackened , So this car didn't completely abandon the sports element ! Again , The adjustment on the rear of this car is also very obvious , Slightly rounded rear surround , Slight upward uplift , The size of the tail light is larger , At the same time, the exhaust is also replaced with a style that tends to accord ! In contrast , The audience of this car should be more popular .

The new generation Civic has completed the interior decoration “ Gorgeous turn ”! Personal feeling , The interior of this car is actually more beautiful than accord . Wrapped in all black soft material , Every design of Honda is very attentive ! In particular, its air-conditioning outlets all adopt a grid shape design , And the upper part is also equipped with a part of circular convex shape , This is very rare in Honda's previous design ! Double Panel mechanical instrument , Plus a large suspended screen , Technology and practicality are integrated .

From the information declared before this car , The new generation of civic will be equipped with a high-power 1.5T A turbocharged engine , The match is still CVT transmission , At present, the new car is in the final preparation before listing , It will be in next month's 24 No. is fully listed , I wonder if the launch of this car can continue the hot scene in the past , We'll see .

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