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GAC Toyota "Senna" multi picture real shooting! Five versions are available at the end of the month, and the status of GL8 may not be guaranteed

2021-08-26 09:20:17 Wei Xiaohua

Recent about the new generation “ Toyota Saina ” The listing time of domestic version came out again , According to the official news , The domestic version will be officially unveiled at the end of the month , And in this month's 29 Number , This car will also be displayed at the Chengdu auto show , It is expected to be officially listed at the end of the month . When the , Buick's GL8 Will be hit unprecedentedly !

The picture shows GAC Toyota Senna just off the production line in the plant , It has been determined in previous reports , The new car will adopt the same design concept as the overseas version , Including domestic 5 The two versions also completely follow the overseas design ! Yes, of course , GAC has also made many localized modifications for this car , The purpose is to be more suitable for domestic consumers . Look at the shape , This car has changed the low-key design of the past , The multi-level front face is full of movement ! Cooperate with the lightning headlamp group above , Personally, I feel that it has surpassed the Audi series in effect ! The multi frame front surround has a trace of retro elements . Therefore, the new car shows a multi-element modeling design from the front face .

Although its main competitor is GL8, But it's a little inferior in size , The Saina length, width and height of GAC Toyota version are 5180mm×1995mm×1765(1786)mm, The wheelbase is 3060mm, Overall size is larger than Buick GL8 A little smaller . But because of the muscular design on both sides of the appearance , Don't feel its size disadvantage at all , This is the advantage of Toyota designers ! On the tail , The Trident tail light just runs through the waist line of the whole car , The upper, middle and lower layers of the tail also show a stronger sense of hierarchy , In the lower left corner “ Gac Toyota ” It shows your identity !

Because this new generation of race is based on Toyota TNGA-K Platform to build , Therefore, earth shaking changes have taken place both in appearance and interior decoration ! It not only continues the design of overseas version in appearance , The same is true when entering the interior . Compared with the previous version , The advantages of this car are too obvious . The new car is equipped with two independent instrument panels , Cooperate with Toyota's latest human-computer interaction system , Make the whole car more intelligent ! In space , Still the biggest advantage of this car , At present, the interior of this car will be composed of two colors , The second row adopts a two seat layout , The third row is a three seat layout , As a whole 2+2+3 The spatial layout of the city , Such a layout still meets the needs of Chinese people . Yes, of course , The second row of seat leg supports and small tables are also equipped . So judging from the functionality , Saina already has GL8 All the elements of .

Power on , This car is equipped with the new Highlander 2.5L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine + Hybrid system composed of motor , Its maximum horsepower is 249 horsepower , Made of planetary gears E-CVT Transmission to wheels , And will provide precursors and E-Four Electronic 4WD optional . The car will land at the Chengdu auto show at the end of the month , It is reported that there are a total of 5 paragraph , Namely LE edition ,XLE edition ,LTD edition ,LTD PLUS edition ,PLATINUM edition !

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