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2022 "Audi S8" was officially launched, and the luxury interior was upgraded. The performance made BMW ashamed

2021-08-26 09:20:22 Wei Xiaohua

Unlike Mercedes Benz and BMW , As the performance version of Audi “S” Class A , There is no pursuit of perfection in appearance design , This completes Audi “ Dress up as a pig and eat a tiger ” Masterpiece ! This one in the picture “ audi S8” this is it , Even if it has come 2022 paragraph , But we haven't seen too many so-called changes in appearance , It was not until the bilateral four exhaust on the rear that the identity of the car was revealed .

A whole new generation “ audi S8” It is the most special existence at this level . Because it can retain the low-key essence , It can perfectly integrate performance and luxury , This is something Mercedes Benz and BMW can't do , Absolutely “ Dress up as a pig and eat a tiger ” Paragon ! Let's talk about the design of this car first , There is not much difference in appearance , It's still a hexagonal China open , The interior is also composed of conventional horizontal bar decorative strips ! The combined headlights have been replaced with laser headlights . And echo with its front surrounding . We noticed that it extends from the top edge of the China Grid to the cover , Two raised lines are formed , Just show the line feeling of this car perfectly .

In terms of size , Brand new audi S8 The length, width and height are respectively 5147mm、1949mm、1458mm, Wheelbase reached 2994mm! A very standard large car , And with a performance car of this shape , It is estimated that only Audi S8 Can do it ! Like the front face , The new car doesn't show the proper sports breath on the side , It's still a through waistline , Strong business elements run through this car ! Finally we saw a change in the rear of the car , First, the trunk bulges slightly upward , For the first time, the tail lamp is also replaced with a scaly structural design , Fit with the top through LED Lamp with , Showing a strong sense of movement ! Yes, of course , The most direct thing is the design of bilateral double outlet four exhaust of this car , It is precisely because of the existence of this exhaust that this car can be righted !

Same as the appearance , A new generation of Audi S8 It continues A8 The design of the , But obviously I can feel , The interior changes should be more direct , Especially in creating a sense of luxury . We noticed that , Every square inch inside the new car has fine materials , Including diamond stitched leather interior 、 Suede roof lining and sewn leather instrument panel cover . The front seats provide standard heating 、 Cool and massage , Three LCD screens are still the standard configuration of this car , The display effect and content are the same as A8 Agreement , So netizens can refer to A8, Xiaobian won't introduce more !

The picture shows the rear seats of this car , We see that the whole rear cabin provides a lot of extension space for passengers ! And the middle handrail is also equipped with boss buttons , Easy to control the whole car .

Finally, the power of this car , At present, we know from the news ahead , This car will be equipped with a new and upgraded 4.0T V8 Turbocharged engine , Its maximum power reaches 420kw, Maximum torque is reached 800N·m. In order to improve the new generation S8 Performance and efficiency , ... may be added to the powertrain 48 Volt light mixing technology . At present, the new car has officially entered the road test stage , It is expected to be officially listed around the middle of next year , I don't know what you think of this Audi S8 What are the different views !

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