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New "Harvard H9" pre-sale time hammer! Change the tusk grille, and the interior is gorgeous

2021-08-26 09:20:30 Wei Xiaohua

2021 The Chengdu automobile exhibition will be held in... This month 29 Opening day , As the king of our domestic cars, the Great Wall , Another heavy model , It is different from the tank series , This car has long been famous , And a new generation of models , It also abandons the previous slot point , In terms of design concept and power, it has completed a gorgeous turn ! It's obvious , It came to replace Toyota Prado , This car is a new generation “ The harvard H9”, And this car will be officially opened for pre-sale at the Chengdu auto show .

The Great Wall “ The harvard H9” It has been seven years since its birth , From a toddler at the beginning to an adult now , We have witnessed the development of this car ! Also witnessed the success of this car ! And this new generation , The Great Wall designer has shown his housekeeping skills , Everything from the appearance to the interior has been upgraded ! First on the front , The early horizontal bar grille will give people a more frivolous feeling , The lack of strength is the biggest disadvantage of this car . The new car began to make changes from China open , Although smaller in size , But the whole tusk style design can be called a dream . And the whole system has been replaced with LED My headlight set , This operation is too practical .

And on the side , New haver H9 The burly feeling of was also displayed in an instant , The wide body wheel eyebrow is similar to Nissan's Tuda . The waistline runs from the front to the rear , And slightly showing an upward trend , The glass of the whole car is wrapped in silver trim , It also injects a trace of fashion elements into this car . In size , The new car has also been comprehensively improved compared with the previous generation , New haver H9 The length, width and height are respectively 5077/1926/1900mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm. Because the advantage of the whole length is more obvious , Therefore, it is also conducive to the display of the whole car gas field . On the tail , The tail light is still inlaid in C On the column , And the range of the whole lamp group is enlarged again ! In order to make this car more selective , The spare tire is designed in two ways , The first is a small external schoolbag , The second is to put the spare tire under the chassis , For different groups to choose !

As mentioned above , The change of the new car is from outside to inside , The adjustment in appearance left a deep impression , Again , We also have more expectations for the interior ! Get in the car , The biggest feeling is that the sense of luxury has been significantly improved , Mainly reflected in the selection of bicolor cortex , In the centre console area , In addition to the black leather, part of the imitation peach wood decorative cover plate is added , The orange lattice shape design is adopted for the seat and door lining ! It brings a stronger sense of advanced , The full LCD instrument panel is also not missing , But also installed a larger screen , It also has the function of line of sight bright screen , That is, when the driver looks at the central control screen , The screen will automatically light up ! I wonder if you noticed A A device with a camera on the column , In fact, it exists to provide sign monitoring for drivers , Prompt at a specific time , Bring a more intelligent and safe driving experience .

And in terms of motivation , A new generation of Harvard H9 Still carrying 2.0T A turbocharged engine , Its maximum power is 165kW. meanwhile , The car will also be equipped with the second generation all terrain control system , Including sand 、 The snow 、 Mud and other six modes ; front 、 The rear differential lock is not absent ! I don't know what you expect from this car !

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