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Upgrade hyperboloid screen! 2022 "BMW 5 Series" was exposed, netizen: finally figured it out

2021-08-26 09:21:08 Wei Xiaohua

As BBA At present, the slowest development in China is BMW series ! In fact, BMW's current situation is expected , Mainly because the main line of BMW is “ motion ” Mainly , In other words, BMW's design is oriented to... Both in appearance and interior “ motion ” close , The current market is , Diversification is the focus of future development ! At present, a new generation of Mercedes Benz S Has taken the lead in making changes , Despite the pain , But the results were good ,“ The Theory of So Delicious ” Is the best interpretation of BMW ! And Audi doesn't need much , The design itself is enough to hang the BMW series ! In this context , A new generation of BMW 5 Department came into being . At present, the new car has officially entered the road test stage !

The picture shows a new generation of BMW 5 The rendering of , From the information exposed overseas at present , The difference between the new car and the rendered image will not be particularly obvious ! So does this look make you feel exciting ! On the front , The traditional double kidney grille is adjusted again , The whole upper part becomes more flat , The lower part adopts an opposite structural design , The vertical grid is also replaced by this dot matrix modeling design , Obviously it looks more beautiful , But in terms of exercise , It weakened a lot ! The iconic tear eye headlights on both sides have also been replaced by this double group semi surround laser headlights , Cooperate with China open , Will the whole effect be worse than Audi ! Xiao Bian doesn't think so anyway !

But in fact , This BMW 5 Still made reservations . For example, a more inclined design style is adopted on the cover of the new car , This is the best interpretation of the sense of movement ! To the side , New BMW 5 The structure of double waist lines parallel to each other is adopted for the first time , But it's different from before , The waistline of this group is not very sharp , Even its eyebrows have become abnormal “ quiet ”, So from the side , This BMW 5 It's gone “ arrogance ” Like a “ The little girl ”! And this style also continues to the rear of the car , The tail lights on both sides are arranged in a step shape , And a light band runs through it ! Its back enclosure is carefully adjusted , Perfectly fit sports and fashion !

If you haven't enjoyed your appearance yet , Then the interior upgrade is even more obvious ! Even netizens said , BMW finally figured it out ! The interior and the impression of BMW are completely two concepts . A new generation of BMW 5 It is the first time to use a through instrument panel , That is, the instrument display and the central control screen run through each other , An unprecedented sense of science and technology came in an instant . Yes, of course , There is not much information about the specific functionality . In terms of vehicle engine system , This BMW 5 The series will be equipped with the latest upgrade of BMW iDrive 8 Car engine system , Human computer interaction and intelligence should be the most brilliant part of this system .

Finally, its power , Fuel version , New cars will carry 2.0T、3.0T Pure fuel engine , And simultaneously launch 2.0T Plug and mix and 3.0T Plug in hybrid models for consumers to buy , The driveline continues to match 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , Some models will also provide xDrive All-wheel-drive system . It is not ruled out that a pure electric version will be launched in the future ! I don't know what you think of this new generation BMW 5 What do you think !

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