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The 2022 Nissan "Tule" is ready to go, with a 7-seat design. The interior has the smell of Mercedes Benz!

2021-08-26 09:21:14 Wei Xiaohua

nissan “ Desert Prince ” Stay happy , Recently, it also announced another generation change , This upgrade is only reflected in the details , But the interior changes still show us Nissan's skills , As netizens say : The interior finally smells like a Mercedes Benz ! At present, his American model has officially appeared , It is expected to be introduced into the domestic market by the end of next year at the latest !

This kind of “ Stay happy ” There are obvious differences between the name and the domestic version , This is mainly because this car is called... In the North American market “ Amanda ” The identity of the new car can be clearly seen from its logo ! On the front , The new car will pay more attention to detail control . For example, some convex shapes are added to the interior of the traditional horizontal bar grid , The whole effect should be more sharp , The appearance has also been significantly improved . Conventional V-motion The grille has also been upgraded to the latest 3.0 edition , Compared to the previous generation of products , Significantly reduce the roundness , But there has been a more direct change in the sense of power ! Double on both sides C A zigzag tail lamp , It also becomes more angular .

The side of the new car is not much different from the Middle East version of the previous generation , It also continues the most classic design of Tule , But I don't know if you noticed , This North American version is A Columns do not use black hidden treatment , It's the same color as the body , It looks better than our common hidden A The Middle East version of the column is more tough . And the front and rear wheel eyebrows no longer pay attention to the difference in shape , It can be seen that the focus of the North American version is completely different from that of the Middle East version . The tail , The size of the entire tail lamp is significantly larger , There is still a silver decorative strip in the center of the trunk , And on the black trim strip below “ARMADA” The English logo of , This is also the biggest difference from the Middle East version , Compared with the front face , The rear surround of the new car is the most powerful design of the whole car .

We know that the previous generation of Tule in the Middle East has undergone great changes in the interior , The double screen modeling design is adopted for the first time , Indeed, there has been a significant improvement in freshness , But I didn't expect that only one year , Nissan abandoned the design again , Replaced by a large vertical screen with more current flavor ! Don't say , Because of the change of the central control screen , The whole interior finally has the smell of Mercedes Benz , It seems that this change is very worthwhile . Besides this , LCD instrument panel and multifunction steering wheel , It still continues the previous design .

Seats and space are still the biggest attractions of this car , We can see from the cab that the seats of this car have become thicker and longer , The super sofa is definitely not a false name , This time, in addition to providing 6 In addition to the seat, a 7 A version , So in terms of the flexibility of the whole space , This Tule has obvious advantages over the land tour ! And the third row is more practical than other opponents . Just from the thickness of the cushion , You know what the focus of this car is .

motivation , The whole new car is equipped with newly upgraded 5.6L V8 The engine , Its maximum horsepower is 400 horsepower , The maximum torque is coming 560 cattle · rice , And what matches that is 7 Speed automatic transmission , The new car has officially appeared in the North American market , It is expected to be introduced into the domestic market by the end of next year , I wonder if this car can become the strongest opponent of the land patrol , We'll see .

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