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Lexus es & Cadillac CT6 would you choose that?

2021-08-26 09:21:41 Aika new car Express

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as everyone knows , Because Lexus ES The model has been introduced in the form of vehicle import and order production , As a result, cars in stores everywhere are scarce ,4S The store is also hard to find a car all year round . So that's why , This model not only has no discount , Even a small price increase throughout the year . But on the contrary , SAIC GM Cadillac CT6 Not only no price increase , Also perennial “ Break a bone ”. No coincidence, no book , Recently, I asked about the sales and learned that , SAIC GM Cadillac CT6 The low configuration of 28T Fashion , After the discount, the price is the same as Lexus ES 200 The premium version costs almost the same ( The prices vary from store to store ). Coincides with the new Lexus ES Just launched , In this comparison guide, we will differentiate and compare two cars with similar landing prices , What are the advantages and disadvantages .

Read the beginning of the article , I think you will ask . In addition to the price overlap between the two cars , And only after the discount can there be overlap , Is there any intersection ? Besides, CT6 Overseas or with BMW 7 Series and other large car competitive products . The first thing I want to say is this , Whether it's the price after discount or the original price , If the prices of the two cars are similar , It will certainly form a competitive relationship . although ES 200 In size 、 The power is obviously inferior to CT6, But fuel consumption 、 Maintenance costs 、 Late hedging rate and other factors , It is also a key issue that everyone should consider first when buying a car . I think few people can calmly pick up the car at the same price , After two years, the residual value is less than that of the other party 10 The painful fact of 10000 ……

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First, let's take a look at the appearance of these two cars , Let's not talk about appearance for the moment , Let's start with size . SAIC GM Cadillac CT6 After all, overseas players dare to compete with large cars , Compare Lexus in body size ES It definitely has the advantage of rolling .5223mm The conductor , Than Lexus ES Of 4975mm A whole lot more 248mm, In terms of body size , Is absolutely CT6 More Aura .

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Headlamp configuration , lexus ES 200 The Premier Edition is equipped with a far / All-in-one low beam LED headlight . Although there is no ES 260 Matrix headlights on models , But for daily use, it is completely enough . Cadillac CT6 All headlights look the same , The internal light source is exactly the same , There is no high lighting technology . It's just that the luxury model has more adaptive high beam . This game , It looks like Cadillac CT6 be a stroke above .

On the side of the car , lexus ES 200 And Cadillac CT6 All belong to the kind of simple atmosphere , The side lines of the two cars don't have much complex design . lexus ES 200 The whole vehicle presents a smooth visual sense , And Cadillac CT6 The upturned tail line presents a diving posture , Compared to Lexus ES 200 More athletic .

It is worth mentioning that , Both vehicles are equipped with keyless entry system . thus , Friends who are used to putting backpacks and other items in the back , You don't have to unlock the front row before entering the rear row , Just open the rear door directly , Quite convenient . When locking the car, you can also select one of the doors to lock the car . Full door keyless entry function , It is not standard on many Japanese and European models , This highlights that Lexus and Cadillac are quite kind in terms of configuration .

And Lexus ES Is there no advantage ? Of course not. ! lexus ES Although it does not occupy any advantage in size , But Lexus ES The victory lies in selfie online . Classic spindle shaped middle net and sharp headlight design , It shows the essence of Japanese luxury . If you think , This Japanese design is only bought by consumers in the Asia Pacific Region , That's a big mistake . In North America , lexus ES The sales volume is also going to crush Cadillac CT6 Of .

Taillight design varies from person to person , Every man has his hobbyhorse , I personally appreciate Lexus's tail light design , A better sense of hierarchy , The lighting effect of the width indicator at night gives people a high-grade visual feeling . Cadillac's tail lights are designed to echo the headlights , It also comes from family design . The longitudinal design not only improves the massiness of the tail, but also , The shape is also quite recognizable . Both cars use full LED The light source , And it's all standard .

Rim configuration , lexus ES 200 High and low configuration models are equipped with 17 Inch wheels , And the tire width is only 215mm, Think about it to save fuel . In contrast, Cadillac CT6, Low configuration models are also equipped with 18 Inch wheels , The tire size is :235/50 R18, Basically, it can give consideration to the specifications of handling and comfort .

Who is higher in appearance configuration ? It's really hard to tell

Interior design , Two cars, one focusing on Japanese ingenuity , The other is mainly American luxury . But somehow , I'm not interested in American luxury , Looks old-fashioned and doesn't say , Although the leather material covers the whole center control panel , But when it comes to luxury , I think Lexus ES better . But each has his own love , If you like Cadillac's interior design , Please don't spray me .

Steering wheel design , Cadillac CT6 It can be said that it has always been favored by middle-aged and elderly consumers . It's not just old-fashioned , The diameter is also very large . If it's a small girl , It must feel “ Yali mountain is big ”. by comparison ,ES 200 The steering wheel looks very delicate , The cortex is very delicate , The grip is also very thick . But there are advantages and disadvantages in everything , If the driver's hands often sweat , This delicate cortex will be easier “ Wrapping ”.

Both cars are equipped with shift paddles , Even in the picture, we can see , Lexus's foggy silver shift paddles are significantly better than Cadillac's CT6 The black plastic texture is much higher . But one thing puzzles me ,ES 200 What's the meaning of gear shifting paddles ? If it's an old one 6AT The model can also be understood , New country 6 Discharged ES 200 It's all equipped with... Yes CVT transmission , The cost of retaining the shift paddle is not as good as adding a lock, auto folding rearview mirror or CarPlay The module is more practical .

lexus ES All liquid crystal instruments are used , Although the size is small , Only 7 Inch , But the display effect is quite excellent , Animation effects can also be impressive . And Cadillac CT6 The low configuration model is slightly ordinary , It's mechanical + LCD combined design , Although the LCD meter is 8 Inch , But the display effect is relatively general , And the resolution is not high . If you want a full LCD instrument, this configuration , You must buy models with medium configuration and above to get that piece 12.3 Inch LCD instrument .

Configuration of large central control screen , Cadillac CT6 The starting point is 10.6 Inch touch screen . And Lexus ES Except for the top model , They all use 8 Inch screen .CT6 The car engine system is equipped as standard CarPlay and CarLife Interconnection function , But Lexus ES The whole department only supports Baidu CarLife, This is for users using apple , It does seem a little unfriendly . In fact, baidu CarLife Internet is nothing , But Lexus listed in North America ES All standard CarPlay、MirrorLink Interconnection function , It's true that there is no harm without contrast .

Audio configuration , lexus ES 200 Not using brand sound , If you like Mark Levinson sound , Be sure to arrive at ES 300h Or wait for Lexus to launch the mark Levinson Special Edition . And Cadillac CT6 All standard BOSE sound , With low 8 horn , With high 10 horn , with ANC Active noise reduction function . although BOSE The brand is not a very high-end stereo , But for people who love pop and rock music , The bass performance is still very good .

Air conditioning configuration , Both cars adopt double temperature zone automatic air conditioning , And it comes standard with PM2.5 Filter unit . But Lexus ES 200 It is also equipped with on-board air purifier and air purifier from Panasonic, Japan nanoe Negative ion generator , It can not only filter dust and particles in the air , At the same time, it can actively improve the air quality in the car .

The interior design also depends on the ingenuity quality of Lexus

Space performance , lexus ES 200 Congenital disadvantage in body size , We have already introduced , We'll just repeat it here . But in terms of spatial expression , lexus ES 200 The utilization rate of internal space is still very high , Not only the vertical height in the car is excellent , The comfort of the seat cushion is also quite high . How about the specific performance , Let's look down .

But in terms of seat configuration , lexus ES 200 The premium edition is equipped with front seat heating , And the seat heating is standard for the whole system , It can be said to be quite kind . But Cadillac CT6 The low profile fashion model does not come with any comfort configuration , The seat heating function must be equipped in elite and above configurations , Only luxury and above configurations will have ventilation function .

The two drivers are similar in height , You can see , Cadillac's front row has significantly more vertical space . Since the birth of TNGA-K New Lexus platform ES, Although the center of gravity of the vehicle chassis is lower than that of the old model , Create a lower sitting position for the driver , But compared to Cadillac CT6 Come on , The sitting posture is still significantly higher . But because they are not sports cars , Comfort comes first .

lexus ES 200 And in addition to the secondary top configuration / Top equipped with two models , They all use imitation leather seats , The secondary top configuration and top configuration models are equipped with semi aniline leather seats , It can be said that there is a great difference . And Cadillac CT6 In addition to the minimum one model we introduced , Leather seats are used in other configurations .

In terms of rear space performance , lexus ES 200 Obviously not as good as Cadillac CT6, Although the knee space can also achieve the performance of two punches , But head space and lateral space are somewhat cramped . however , After all, the wheelbase is there , Cadillac surpasses 3.1 Meter wheelbase , And lack of knee space 2.9 M's Lexus ES A draw , It doesn't seem to be worth praising .

however , lexus ES 200 And all the models except the top configuration are not equipped with the rear boss key , Some regret . And Cadillac CT6 The whole system is equipped with the rear boss key as standard , It can be said to be quite business .

Luggage compartment space performance , Because Cadillac CT6 Have an absolute advantage in the length of the car , Plus the long rear suspension of the rear drive , It brings better luggage compartment volume performance . But by comparison , lexus ES I didn't lose miserably ,454 L maximum luggage compartment space compared to Cadillac CT6 Of 503 l , There is only a small gap . Plus Lexus ES The luggage compartment space is very regular , Really load luggage and other items when traveling , Who is better in loading capacity and space utilization , It's not certain whether you win or lose .

motivation , Needless to say, you can guess , lexus ES 200 suffer a crushing defeat .127kW(173 horsepower ) Maximum power and 208Nm Maximum torque of , Daily driving can only be said to be enough . For a quick tempered person , Such engine power parameters are matched with CVT transmission , It's really a little “ Catch the urgent ”. by comparison , Cadillac CT6 It has obvious advantages ,174kW(237 horsepower ) Maximum power and 350Nm The maximum torque can definitely meet the power needs of most people . But corresponding , Although equipped with Tripower Variable valve management technique , But the fuel consumption performance of daily vehicles will not be lower than 10L/100km. And on fuel consumption , lexus ES 200 The advantage is obvious , carrying VVT-iE technology 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , The timing system is driven by a motor , It is also equipped with dual injection technology , The fuel consumption of daily vehicles is only 8L/100km about .

There is also a clear difference between the two transmissions , lexus ES 200 It's using CVT transmission , Don't worry about smooth performance at all , But the transmission efficiency and response of power are greatly reduced . This aspect , Cadillac uses 10 Self - contained gearbox , Transmission technology is more complex , But according to the owner's reaction , front 3 Block may occasionally stumble , This deserves the attention of friends . In addition to the performance of the gearbox , lexus ES The mechanical shift mode is still adopted , And Cadillac CT6 The whole system has been upgraded to electronic gear , A stronger sense of technology .

Finally, let's talk about passive security configuration , lexus ES 200 And Cadillac CT6 It's all standard with the Lord / copilot 、 front / Rear side airbag and head curtain . But Lexus ES 200 It is also equipped with a knee airbag , Passive security configuration can be said to be better . And both cars are equipped with pedestrian protection , When there is a collision , The end of the hood will pop up automatically , In the event of a collision , It can reduce the injury of front windshield glass to pedestrians .

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lexus ES 200 And Cadillac CT6 These two cars , It can be said that each has his own personality , Each has . Lexus interprets Japanese luxury with ingenuity , And Cadillac shows “ Yankee ” Atmosphere and informal . Although the two cars don't seem to be comparable , There is a great difference in size , There are also significant differences in dynamic performance . But after I followed the forum of two cars, I found , There are many Cadillacs CT6 All the car owners have said that when choosing a car , For the luxury of the interior 、 Hedging rate and later warranty maintenance policy , Have thought about ES 200, But finally gave up because of power and interior space . meanwhile , lexus ES 200 Some of the car owners have also been due to power and larger body size CT6 and ES 200 Have wavered between . In my submission , For today's consumers , Although we know more about the channels and ways of a car , But it also means more factors to consider , It seems more difficult to find a car that really suits you . however , I also advise you not to think too much , It must be right to choose the car that looks like an eye . After all, most consumers now , Buying a car is buying a mood , A car that pleases you is the most suitable car .

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