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The most oppressive class B car has the same appearance as accord, and the fuel consumption is only 6L

2021-08-26 09:33:00 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of brand , In recent years, although independent brands have sold very well , But what people like is the joint venture brand , Like Toyota 、 Honda 、 The public 、 nissan 、 buick 、 Ford and other brands , With excellent design and excellent workmanship, it is deeply loved by Chinese people , Recently, there is a joint venture B Class cars are described as , The most oppressive B Levels of car , Your appearance is not inferior to accord , Fuel consumption only 6L, Insufficient 13 Ten thousand can't sell , It's about Skoda speed , Let's take a look at this car

aesthetic : The forward air grille adopts Skoda family's straight waterfall design , There are decorative strips around the middle net . The headlights on both sides have sharp edges and corners , The body side , Straight waistline design , The adjusted tail lamp group is matched with through chrome trim strip and hidden exhaust layout , The design is very sporty .

interiors : Family design style , Use a large area of soft material to cover , Wood grain decorative board and piano paint baking decoration are also added , The outline and the large embedded screen between the center console , The whole series is equipped with multifunctional steering wheel as standard 、 Cruise control 、 Electric heating and other configurations of exterior rearview mirror , And the interior sound insulation effect is outstanding , The length, width and height are respectively 4861*1865*1489mm, The wheelbase is 2841mm, The sense of technology and luxury of the interior is stronger than that of the public , The space performance is excellent .

motivation : Carrying 1.4T and 2.0T The engine , Traditional systems match 7 Double clutch gearbox , Fuel consumption only needs 6L, And meet the emission requirements of national VI .

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