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Do you have it and watch Dihao? After 10 years of operation, the quality is worry free and better than Xuanyi

2021-08-26 09:33:05 Oriental Information automobile

Jetta should be said to accompany 80 Rear riders grew up . after 30 Years of development , Jetta can often be seen on the street , This let us witness the leather of German cars 、 Mechanical quality resistant to opening . Since last year , Jetta has been upgraded from a car to a brand , The change of identity gives Jetta a new mission . jetta va3 As its first car , It is mainly developed for the domestic low-end market . This kind of va3 Not only has it a new look , In terms of quality, it also inherits the driving resistance of Jetta , open 10 Worry free annual quality , Let's see .

aesthetic ,va3 This car looks really young . Its front face was redesigned , The younger style is in line with the market development situation . The net in the front face is designed with an obvious sense of edges and corners , The interior is filled with matrix chrome plated material , The brand-new model is the same level car of Volkswagen family . Besides , The bumper position and shape of the car are also novel . Not only because of the flat mouth front lip , The black trim panel filled inside is also interesting , In addition, it is decorated with eight shaped daily lights on both sides , Further enhance the appearance of the front of the car , Better than Xuanyi .

In terms of size ,va3 The car leader of is 4501mm, wide 1704mm, high 1479mm, The wheelbase 2604mm. For one a For a class car , This size is regular . From the side , The body still inherits the style of German cars . Although there is no too fancy design , But the simple design makes the car look decent . Although this car is equipped with 15 Inch aluminum hub , But the style of the wheel hub is unique , coordination 185/60 R15 Linglong brand tires , It improves the practicability of this car .

interiors ,va3 This car also presents a modern flavor . Although the upper part of the center console is similar to Jetta , But the round air-conditioning vent has a great sense of design , Make the interior feel more fashionable . in addition , The car is also equipped with embedded 8 Inch screen , Make this car support radio 、 Multimedia control 、 Car phone 、Carlife And so on .

motivation , The car is equipped with a EA211 Of 1.5 L engine . Because the engine integrates d-cvvt Variable valve technology , So that the output power of this car can reach 85kw, Torque to 145nm, And AQ250 have to 6AT After matching the transmission , This makes this car easy to drive . Although there is no obvious push back feeling at the beginning of this car , But the smooth power is in line with the driving habits of Buddhist riders .

source : Qingluan period

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