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It is the benchmark of 100000 SUV! Just listed orders have broken 10000

2021-08-26 09:35:29 Oriental Information automobile

about SUV models , It has good vision and high passing performance , Therefore, it has flattered many consumers . At 100000 SUV Camp , You must think of Harvard first H6, Locate compact SUV, From its sales , It's not hard for us to find out , Has long been a leader in this class . This time BYD has released a new SUV, The new car is named song Pro.

The new car just went on sale this month , The guide price is 8.98 10000 yuan start , The top configuration is 11.98 Ten thousand yuan , The competitor aimed at Harvard H6. Now this one SUV Our pre-sale orders have broken ten thousand , We can see the strength . From the naming of the new car , Positioning is also higher than song , BYD is used in appearance Dragon Face 2.0 Design language of , with “ imperial countenance ” possessed , Your appearance has improved a lot . The department is fully equipped LED headlight , The tail lamp adopts a continuous design , The whole vehicle is equipped with 400 star LED The light source , The visual effect after lighting is very beautiful , This is also recognized by all .

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