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Jianghuai hit a Chevrolet explorer. After watching the loss, netizen: American cars are not strange

2021-08-26 09:35:33 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of the Chevrolet Explorer , You should not be unfamiliar , As one of the best-selling American cars SUV models , Its popularity in the domestic market is still very high , Only Toyota Highlander exists in the same level models , So I can only be in the second line , But when it comes to American cars , The biggest difference from Japanese cars is that the body quality is guaranteed , If you don't believe it, let's discuss it through a traffic accident in which Jianghuai collides with a Chevrolet Explorer , After seeing the loss , Net friend : American cars are not strange !

According to the Explorer owner : At noon that day, I was on my way home , It was hit by a Jianghuai Tongyue , The situation was that I went straight to counseling , And the Jianghuai Tongyue is about to enter the auxiliary road from the main road , In principle, he should let me pass first , And I think so , But in fact, the owner of Tongyue didn't let me mean , Finally, the front of the two cars had a close contact , Fortunately, both owners are safe , It also brings a little comfort .

From the photos of the owner, we can see , The left front of the Chevrolet Explorer is damaged , The bumper left serious collision marks , The fender was also dented , But it's not particularly serious , It's also easier to fix ; The bumper of JAC Tongyue has fallen off , It should be that after the collision, the boundary finder moved forward a distance , Directly scraped off , In addition, the headlights and fender are affected , On the whole, the problem is not big , Although Jianghuai Tongyue looks more serious , But from the height of the car body, it can also be understood .

Small make up has words : In this side impact , The explorers really showed the toughness of American cars , Some netizens even think it's not strange , Maybe it's because it's very normal for American cars , What are your different views on this ?

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