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What else do you buy, maiteng? Larger than A3 sports space, 2.0T power class A is not comparable

2021-08-26 09:35:40 Oriental Information automobile

For many consumers ,20 Million or so or buy a joint venture B The first-class car is more stable , Because the risk of domestic brands is high , And luxury brands exceed more budgets . But in fact, for many young consumers , If you can buy luxury brands, you don't consider joint ventures , After all, playing is the nature of every young man , Under the condition of ensuring practicability, it is not beautiful to have a luxury car suitable for yourself ? Looking at today's luxury car market ,BBA The entry-level model is nothing more than A3、A Level and 1 system , The first two sell well , but 1 The Department has never been recognized . Actually, it's better than A3 The design is moving and has a large space ,2.0T It's also more powerful than A Level is much stronger , In this way, what else to buy maiteng ?1 Isn't it fragrant ?

As the most entry-level model of BMW ,1 Naturally, the system can not escape the fate of domestic production , But it's actually a good thing for it . Last year BMW 1 The Department also specially launched M Sports section , Make it more in line with the requirements of young consumers for sports . In terms of appearance , The double kidney grille still has a strong BMW family flavor ,LED The headlamp group has also become the standard configuration of the whole system , And the left and right sides because of joining M After the sportswear , The genuine air duct is amazing . In fact, in terms of design alone ,1 The system is absolutely no better than A3 and A Gradation , After all, BMW has always been good at building sports , This configuration upgrade also makes its details reach the benchmark level of the same level .

If you think a compact car doesn't have enough space , Actually, BMW 1 The department fully meets the needs of ordinary families , The length, width and height are respectively 4462*1803*1448mm, Wheelbase reached 2670mm, Don't say than A Big, but at least better than A3 The space is much better . And from the side , The body proportion is still very harmonious , The rearview mirror is also designed in the same color as the body , Further emphasize its sense of movement . With M Identification of the 18 Inch rim is also very handsome , Compared with the old model, it is more concise and atmospheric . The tail shape also has a lot of highlights , There is no need to say more about the tail lamp group , however M The emergence of sports Ao Zhuang makes it more explicit and exemplary , The exposed double outlet circular exhaust is absolutely domineering .

I really want to pick out BMW 1 Disadvantages of the system , The interior may not be very satisfactory , First of all, the familiar formula has long failed to keep up with the requirements of the times , Compared with the appearance change this time, the interior decoration must be pitiful , The classic family style has only fashion and simplicity , It has nothing to do with luxury sports . however M The sports steering wheel is still a bright spot , Feel full and comfortable , Moreover, the central control LCD screen is also changed to the standard configuration of the whole system 8.8 " , Both fluency and effect are great . But there are still some regrets about the shape of the stopper , Chicken leg design without BMW essence , In addition, the full LCD instrument panel does not appear , Other configurations can only be said to be affordable .

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