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Volkswagen's sales fell sharply in July, and Sagitar dropped 32000 for "self rescue". Do consumers admit it?

2021-08-26 09:37:41 Oriental Information automobile

Life itself is painful and happy , It's the same in the car circle , For example, FAW - Public in 7 Sold... In January 11.2 Thousands of cars , yes 7 Month's sales champion , But the embarrassment is , faw - mass 7 Sales fell year-on-year in January 36.6%, Among all car companies , The biggest decline , Wear pin crown “ A coat ” But it's hard to hide the sharp decline , Although it is NO.1, But FAW - The market share of the public has changed from 3 In the 12% Down to 7 In the 7.5%, Formed a strong contrast , Is it that consumers don't love it ? In fact, the shortage of chips is the biggest “ The culprit ”, faw - Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz 、 BMW is different , It also has luxury brands —— audi , It is also reasonable that car regulation chips should be given priority to Audi with higher profits , therefore , Its sharp decline in sales is not the of consumers “ taste ” Changed , It's caused by insufficient production capacity .

Just saw a message , It's FAW - Volkswagen Qingdao factory reduced the capacity of Suteng , Put the chip more “ Give Way ” To the more profitable Audi A3, So it seems , Suteng in 8 Month and 9 The sales volume in May is not optimistic , If you look at the sales volume of Sagitar on a time axis , You will find that its sales volume is a kind of “ go from bad to worse ” The state of , Like its 5 Sold... In January 25730 platform , here we are 6 month , Sales have fallen to 7225 platform ,7 The month has risen again , Sold 11452 platform , comparison 5 In the “ peak ” period ,6 Month and 7 The decline in January is 60% above , The manufacturer's production capacity has decreased , In the end market , Has the preferential power of Sagitar shrunk ?

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