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Strong and strong together, red flag again "new move", see the new car display, netizen: create another phantom

2021-08-26 09:37:45 Oriental Information automobile

In China, when we talk about domestic cars, we may think of many brands , If you want to say that a domestic top, it must be the red flag , It is universally acknowledged that , Because it's not just a car brand , At the same time, it is also an indispensable embodiment and representative of national spirit with the replacement of our history .

The position of this brand in the eyes of Chinese people can be said to be very high , After all, before the red flag opened the civilian car market , It can be said that it is a domestic brand that ordinary people can't touch , They have high qualifications , After entering the civil market, it can be said that there is no small capital .

Especially the red flag car that continues to work this year , There has been a great increase in sales , It can be said to be very powerful . But the red flag is not satisfied with such achievements , Combining the , Red flag again “ Novelty ”, See the new car display , Net friend : Create another phantom .

Red flag is now hiring a new designer , It's actually a famous designer at Rolls Royce , He can be said to be very famous in the luxury car industry , You know, the phantom and phantom of the two classic models were built by him .

In addition, curinan, which has just been on the market for a long time , It was all designed by him . After he accepted the invitation of red flag , Red flag's new car design is even more powerful , The red flag with very high recognition is cooperating with the former Rolls Royce designer , I believe it must be great .

Before , Red flag has already announced the concept map of a new car , Although you can't see the actual car in the picture , But these two red flags H7 models , The basic outline can still be seen . Obvious , This kind of H7 It's really similar to Rolls Royce in appearance , No doubt it was the designer's design . After all, it was designed by the same person , So similarity is inevitable .

We can see , On the front face of the new car, we can find , In design , It is also very beautiful and novel , The first is the beautiful daytime light design , It directly surrounds the intake grille , Connect the headlights at both ends directly , Smooth lines , With one , It looks very imposing .

The rear part still refers to the red flag E· mirror GT Designed by the concept car , It also feels very strong , It's like the hatchback design of a coupe , Have a very flexible feeling . We're still looking forward to this car , To verify how powerful the red flag's big move is after holding it for so long . After reading it, many netizens feel , This is really a domestic Rolls Royce , The new car and Rolls Royce still have some similarities .

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