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Compact SUV fortress 7 seats, 1.3t engine enough? I can't see through Mercedes Benz

2021-08-26 09:44:58 Oriental Information automobile

In the face of continuous hot SUV market , Not only many domestic auto brands are actively following up , Many luxury brands are also actively developing new SUV models . For example, although Mercedes Benz has already been introduced GLA and GLC And other classic models , But in order to meet the increasing SUV Demand market , Mercedes Benz has developed another GLB New models , At present, the brand new GLB200 The model has been launched in the Chinese market , The starting price of this car in China is 31.48 ten thousand , But only 1.3t Turbocharged engine .

According to the practice of Mercedes Benz , The car will also offer an entry-level low-power version , There has been news about the new car recently , The low-power version is likely to be named Mercedes Benz GLB180. From the aspect of appearance design , This kind of SUV The model is a typical compact class SUV, The length of the body 4638mm, The wheelbase is 2829mm, Therefore, the internal riding space is further expanded in the limited body length , So the model will still provide 7 A version , Such a configuration can definitely please Chinese consumers .

The appearance of the whole car is similar to that of Mercedes Benz GLC similar , It belongs to a relatively thick feeling , The Mercedes Benz logo can be seen from the front of the vehicle , And there's a Mercedes Benz logo on the hood , This logo alone is enough to become one of the selling points . The side of the car body can see the c A large triangular window is reserved behind the column , So even if you add a new article 3 Behind row seats , The visual effect of the rear passengers will not be too depressing , Even long-distance travel can have a good transparent space .

The interior design is this Mercedes Benz SUV One of the highlights of the model , New cars and Mercedes Benz a The luxury interior of a class car is consistent , Large size full LCD can be seen running through the instrument panel on the central console , And a more in place atmosphere lamp system is adopted , Three circular air conditioning outlets are arranged in parallel in the middle , Even the interior of the air outlet has added an atmosphere lamp , It's cool after it's lit at night . Judging from the sense of Technology , This Mercedes Benz SUV Obviously, the model has surpassed the Mercedes Benz and BMW of the same level , Interior upholstery is better than BMW x3 More futuristic .

But this new low-power version will be equipped with a set of 1.3t Turbocharged engine , Refer to the new Mercedes Benz a Configuration of class a car , The limited output of the low-power version of the engine is only 136 horsepower , And the peak torque is only 200 rice , If such a power level is used to pull a large 7 seat SUV, On the surface, it's really unreliable , because 7 seat SUV The models generally have good power data . Launched by other joint venture brand manufacturers in the Chinese market 7 seat SUV Often carry 2.0 Engines with a displacement of more than 1 liter .

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