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The 718 I once dreamed of was in front of me. Why did I become indifferent?

2021-08-26 09:45:11 Oriental Information automobile

If youth is a train that never looks back , that porsche 718 It's my drifting dream .

Who am I ? As a brick porter who has been in the automotive media circle for many years , As a standard from third and fourth tier cities “ North drift ”, Before contacting the automotive media , Even very little contact BBA Brand cars , I thought Audi A3 That's what I'm working hard to achieve , As for higher-level luxury brands , Like a Porsche 、 lamborghini 、 Maserati , Never thought about it . But there's a good one “ Dreams are necessary , What if it does ?” therefore , Whenever you meet that “ If give you XXX ten thousand , What car would you buy ?” The boring question of , I would say the name of Porsche without thinking . The reason is still very simple , Because the history and story of Porsche is what I think is the most passionate and passionate in focusing on the sports car brand , Although I didn't step out of the country , But this car brand from Stuttgart has already occupied an important position in my heart . Why? 718 The position in my heart is better than 911? Which boy doesn't have one 911 What about your dreams ? Why do I prefer 718? Maybe when I say this , Keyboard man always sends “ There is no money to install B” The comments , Because this society has taught us too much ,“ The high price must be better ”.

you 're right , Everything is right . But when I really experienced Porsche 718 Various versions of and Porsche 911(992) after , I just found out that ,718 Than 911 It's better for you , There are two reasons . First of all , As the minimum threshold for Porsche sports cars , At Porsche 718 On , I don't see any cheapness , The hard and soft top convertible can also be selected to pull the wind . Of course , like Targa Except fans of style . The middle air guide behind the left and right doors makes me feel better than 911 A handsome place . Second point , More comfortable . As a Porsche totem ,911 Carrying too much brand pressure on my shoulders , So even if it's 911 The basic version , It also has a very strong track gene , This also makes this car less comfortable on urban roads 718 It's comfortable to come . So I always thought , If the budget is enough ,718 GTS Will be the best choice . 718 In front of me , Why did I become indifferent ? Forever young , Tears in my eyes forever . This is the vision of many people when they were young , But with the double blow of time and reality , I feel 718 It's getting away from me .

First , Our needs have changed . When the pressure of car indicators , When you can only have one car ,718 Will no longer be a member of the car purchase list , The tight space makes a bottle of water , A backpack is redundant . This is for families , It doesn't make much sense . secondly , It is the collision between dream and reality . You can deny , Center rear drive 718 It's still very magical in the performance of curves , When the bend is full of oil , I can even feel the power and passion transmitted by the engine , I really enjoy that feeling ! But how much I love on the track , Driving on the crowded Fifth Ring Road in the capital , Just how tired . Smart throttle response speed and heavy steering , On your way to work , I don't feel any relaxation . Like a beast trapped in a cage , Passion without a place to release is always regrettable , But for work , In order to live , And I have to . “ If I ever come back , You will choose a car when you are young 718 Well ?” “ It will be , Just no if ...

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