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Don't spell the price, compare the service, VIP enjoy, you deserve it

2021-08-26 09:48:52 Oriental Information automobile

“ It's time to love the car again last year !”

tiring , The price is not cheap , It's a waste of time

Find the agent for annual review , And an extra charge

One stop annual motor vehicle inspection

Go to Jinxin Jinli car driver management and examination car

The price is excellent + High quality + Fast + Good service

And it's downtown

One click annual review , The ease with which , Time saving and labor saving ...

Check the car 『 Heavy benefits 』 Attack

Come and examine the car together !

Annual review vehicle 40 The business is completed in minutes

The car examination is worry free !

Purchase instructions

【 Instructions 】

1、 This vehicle annual review can be used for small cars 、 Off-road vehicle 、7 A business car 、 Van, etc ;

2、 The vehicle review time is valid until 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan ;

3、 During vehicle review, you can contact the vehicle review center in advance , Understand the materials required for the audit ;

Learn more about the event

+ WeChat 18303517779

Part 1

enjoy “ "One-stop" work style ” service , One step to complete the annual inspection of vehicle audit

New testing equipment , High requirements and testing standards

Centralized review vehicle 、 Exhaust gas detection in one

Part 2

You just need to drive to

You just need to drive your car to the Testing Center

All for you !

Come on !Follow me~

The staff came up to pick up the car , Guide the testing process ;

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