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After big dog and red rabbit, Harvard unveiled another new car with novel name, named "divine beast"

2021-08-26 09:53:06 Oriental Information automobile

If you want to ask which brand among the domestic automobile brands is the most familiar with the car name , The answer must be Harvard , The new cars launched by the Haval brand two years ago are still very famous “ The rules ”, But from last year (2020 year ) At the beginning, when the brand gave the name of the new model “ Don't serious ” get up , What big dog 、 Red Rabbit 、 New car names such as first love come one after another , And the Harvard brand doesn't seem to want to stop this practice for the time being .

see , Jida dog 、 After the red rabbit and other models , Harvard has unveiled another new car with a novel name recently , The new car is named “ Mythical Animals ”, As we all know, the word "divine beast" represents the general name of animals in ancient Chinese folk myths and legends , There is no such thing as a car name with a similar word , So Harvard has once again broken the Convention of naming models . So what's the difference between this new car and other models of the same brand ? Next, Bruce Lee will take everyone to have a look .

Although the divine beast is also a model of Harvard brand , But if you cover the logo and look at the appearance, no one must be able to recognize what brand it is , The overall appearance of the divine beast adopts a new design , There are few similarities with other models of the brand . In the front part , The car adopts an irregular air inlet grille with a very large area , It makes the whole front of the car look like it has a strong sense of impact , And the air inlet grille is integrated with the split headlights on both sides , and LED The daytime running lamp adopts a through design , Therefore, the design of the whole front face of the divine beast is very novel and personalized .

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