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Chengdu auto show is coming, and a large number of new cars are on the road

2021-08-26 09:53:18 12 cylinder vehicle

I believe all fans are very concerned about the progress of Chengdu auto show recently . Originally planned 2021 year 8 month 27 Japan -9 month 5 Day “ The 24th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition ”, It is hereby announced that the extension is 8 month 29 Japan -9 month 7 Day is held .

In order to let all car fans better find their favorite car , We got the booth map of auto enterprises from the auto show business group . The Chengdu auto show brought together all over the world 130 Many enterprises take part in , Nearly 1500 Complete vehicle , The scale of the exhibition is 20 Thousands of square meters , The booth map of specific brand venues is as follows :

Hall 1

Hall two

Hall 3

Hall 4

Hall 5

Hall 6

Hall 10

Hall 11

Hall 14

Hall 15

Hall 16

8 month 29 Media day ,30~31 Professional audience day ,9 month 1 Japan ~7 Day is a public visit day . So far, , Many auto companies have announced that new cars will be unveiled or listed in this auto show , Many of them are hot models , Let's take a look at the Chengdu auto show , You can see which hot models .

Gac Toyota - Saina

GAC Toyota Saina is a very popular model , With the opening of the three child policy ,MPV Models seem to be getting more and more attention . Saina is a major family car , The Toyota TNGA Architecture to create , The front face is very recognizable , According to the information declared by MIIT , The length, width and height of the new car are 5180mm×1995mm×1765(1786)mm, The wheelbase is 3060mm, The seat layout adopts 2+2+3, This car seems to meet the needs of Chinese people , I believe it is also a popular model .

Rapid way X90 PLUS

If you have been to Shanghai auto show, you will remember , Rapid way X90 PLUS It has been officially unveiled before , It is reported that the new car will be officially opened for pre-sale at the Chengdu auto show . aesthetic , The new car adopts a large air inlet grille , And equipped with a number of wide and thick chrome plated decorative strips , The shape is very fashionable . In terms of interior decoration, the new car adopts the popular dual screen design , Equipped with three spoke multifunctional steering wheel and electronic shift mechanism , A sense of technology .

Great Wall motor - The harvard H9

From the outside , The new car adopts a brand-new design , China net adopts large vertical chrome plated strips for decoration , Embedded logo logo, With exquisite headlight design , The visual effect is more hardline . interiors , The new car has been replaced with a large touch central control LCD , Improve the sense of technology of the new car . It is worth mentioning that , The new car will be equipped with CCO Off road Cruise +TAB Tank turning system , And continues the previous 、 Rear differential lock , It will be equipped with the second generation all terrain control system , It is still in the cross-country world “ Carry the handle ”.

Shanghai Volkswagen -ID.3

stay ID.4 and ID.6 After the two models are launched in China ,id The family finally ushered in a new member , It's small , Beardless ID.3.ID.3 It's based on the public MEB Compact hatchback car built on pure electric platform , The appearance design continues the family design style , The penetrating daytime light is very eye-catching . Body size , Three high for 4261/1778/1568mm, The wheelbase is 2765mm, motivation , The new car will be equipped with a maximum power 125 kw (170 horse ) Rear motor ,WLTP The maximum endurance under working conditions is 550km.


BYD yuan PLUS Is in e platform 3.0 The first pure electric made under SUV, The new car adopts the latest Dragon Face 3.0 Design language , We can see that a through chrome plated design is used at the air inlet grille , With small seal character relief “ element ” word , stay C,D Silver is added between the columns “ squama ” Trim panel , Emphasize a strong Chinese style . The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4455*1875*1615mm, The wheelbase is 2720mm, motivation , element PLUS Carry one code named TZ200XSQ Permanent magnet synchronous motor , And equipped with lithium iron phosphate blade battery , The most powerful 150 The maximum torque per kilowatt is 330 cattle · rice .

Janice Seth G70

Speaking of Korean cars , You may be relatively familiar with Kia brand , Today we introduce a luxury brand from Korea — Janice Seth . It is reported that , Guinness Seth brand will appear in Chengdu auto show G70 models , Benchmarking BMW 3 Three systems . aesthetic , The front enclosure of the new car is equipped with a three-stage diversion groove , The interior is equipped with diamond black mesh , It's full of fighting .

interiors , We can see that the manufacturing has the same level and ultra-high level , Large area soft material package , And with the blessing of two-color design , It feels like a Mercedes Benz . meanwhile , New car carrying 2.0 L in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine and 3.3 l V6 Twin turbocharged engine and 2.2 L turbocharged diesel engine selection .

The new Roewe i5 GT

As the fourth generation sports family car of Roewe family , roewe i5 GT Pay more attention to youth and sports in the overall design . We can see that the new car is equipped with an exaggerated trapezoidal forward air grille , The interior is decorated with dragon scale elements , Cooperate with polygonal headlamp group and penetrating headlamp , The visual effect is very powerful . Besides , The tail of the new car also adopts the design of through chrome plated trim strip connected to the tail lamp , Do it head to tail . And the dynamics , New car carrying 1.5T High power performance engines , Maximum power is 127 kw , The maximum torque is 275 cattle · rice , matching 7 Double clutch gearbox , The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 5.9L.

Shanghai Volkswagen - Lingdu

From the previous spy exposure, we can see , The new lingdu adopts a new family design , Flat front design , No more “ Doll face ” 了 . As a replacement model , The front face of lingdu is designed with penetrating headlights , And with the logo logo Design , More show young , At the same time, the proportion of new cars has changed , Both the side window and the whole length are increased compared with the cash , More inclined to the style of car running , It is worth mentioning that , The new car also adopts the frameless door design for the first time . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively :4784*1831*1469mm, The wheelbase 2731mm, And power , New cars will continue to be shipped EA211 1.4T Turbocharged engine , matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , The shape of the new car is very worth looking forward to .

Mercedes Benz brand new -C level

A new generation of Mercedes Benz C The stage is based on the second generation longitudinal rear drive MRA2 The platform was built , New look / Interior design , Netizens also said :“ Small S level ”, Because its internal design style is similar to S Level alignment . Digital dashboard +11.9 The inch central control screen is very eye-catching , And in terms of appearance, the design is younger and the size has increased , I believe the new Mercedes Benz C Class listing will occupy a lot of market share .


Although this auto show is just “ late ” For two days , However, we can see that many manufacturers still put out a lot of heavy models . I believe they have begun to rub their hands , Ready to show the strongest strength to consumers . At the same time, please cooperate with the epidemic prevention work , Wear masks and wash your hands frequently , Watch the visual feast safely .

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