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The average selling price exceeds Volkswagen by about 10000 yuan. Has BYD really surpassed it?

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not long ago , A group of monitoring data released by Wilson, a digital application service provider in the automotive industry, has aroused heated discussion among netizens . According to the data , This year, 1-7 month , BYD's average selling price has reached 15.18 Ten thousand yuan , Not only more than Volkswagen (14.78 Ten thousand yuan ), And it's still pulling away . It is worth mentioning that , BYD in 6、7 Share with 15.6 The average selling price of 10000 yuan is about 1 Ten thousand yuan . Does the average selling price of BYD surpass that of Volkswagen mean that the independent brand has really gained the premium ability ?

What has the public lost ?

Last century 90 years , SAIC Volkswagen and German Volkswagen jointly developed Santana 2000. In that era when independent technology was relatively backward , santana 2000 With 19 The high price of 10000 yuan has won the favor of the Chinese market , It has even become a key model for Volkswagen to open up the Chinese market . According to the data , since 1995 It was launched to 2004 During the period of shutdown in , santana 2000 Keep... For many years 10 The annual sales volume of 10000 vehicles , By 2003 year , Santana has more than in China 200 Thousands of cars . It should be noted that , santana 2000 The prototype of the Novo Santana It's a car that nobody cares about in the Brazilian market , However, in the Chinese market, it has won the favor of consumers and paid for it , This shows the backwardness of China's automobile industry at that time .

Although Santana is only an ordinary civilian model in the foreign market , But in that “ Ten thousand yuan household ” Are relatively rare 、 The general wage is 300 Around the age ,19 The high price of 10000 yuan is almost equal to millions of yuan at this stage . let me put it another way , According to the standards of the time , The average selling price of Volkswagen today should not be just 14.78 Ten thousand yuan . So what has Volkswagen lost ?

2020 year , The total sales volume of Volkswagen in the Chinese market is as high as 385 Thousands of cars , A year-on-year decrease of nearly 9.1%, Among them, the sales volume of popular brands is 285.11 Thousands of cars . Behind the huge sales base of Volkswagen brand, Langyi 、 baolai 、 Three models of Sagitar are used as support . Due to the impact of particle catcher events in China Baoyan and , Sales of Volkswagen's high-end models have declined significantly , Passat even fell out of the top 15 in car sales of the Federation . in addition , Published by the passenger Federation 7 month SUV In the sales ranking , No Volkswagen model is on the list . Due to the shortage of chips and other factors , Including Honda and other car companies SUV Product sales have been affected , This has led to a lot of relatively unpopular SUV The model was successfully listed , It can be seen that Volkswagen's SUV The sales performance of the product is not optimistic .

In addition to the poor performance of high-end car sales , At present, most of Volkswagen's models have high terminal discounts , It seems that the guidance price is high , In fact, the transaction price should be lower than the guidance price . In this context , It is easy to understand that the average selling price of Volkswagen is lower than that of BYD . What does it mean that the average selling price is lower than BYD ? Combined with Santana, which was famous in the Chinese market 2000 Look at , Tangge believes that the emergence of this situation means that the development from the main brand has been very rapid in recent years , Consumers' recognition of their own brands is increasing ,

shift !

The rise of average bicycle price is a common phenomenon of independent brands , Including trumpchi 、 The harvard 、 roewe 、 changan 、 Geely and other brands have the same situation . however , Geely 、 Great Wall Motors and other independent brands raise the average selling price mainly by building high-end brands , So as to obtain a higher brand premium to increase the average selling price . On BYD , At present, BYD does not have any high-end brands , Its way to increase the average selling price is to realize the goal of new energy of products . Because the price of new energy vehicles is higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles , So driven by new energy vehicle products , BYD has a higher premium capacity .

According to BYD's official data ,2021 year 7 The sales volume of BYD's full range of passenger cars was 56975 car , among 50057 This is a new energy vehicle , rose 262.7%, It has set a new monthly sales record of China's new energy vehicle industry . among , Byd han 7 The sales volume in the month is 8522 car , The average price exceeds 20 Ten thousand yuan , Greatly raised the average selling price of BYD cars . In addition to bydihan's excellent performance , Biadiqin PLUS DM-i、 The song dynasty DM、 The tang dynasty DM7 The sales volume in the month is 11230 car 、7264 car 、3892 car . Driven by a number of new energy models , BYD's average unit price has been further improved .

So the average selling price of BYD is higher than that of Volkswagen , Does it mean that BYD is also higher than Volkswagen in brand premium ability ? At least not yet . From some point of view , BYD 、 Geely and other auto companies still focus on cost performance at this stage . We are willing to pay for BYD products with higher prices than Volkswagen and other joint venture brands , Mainly because at the same price , BYD products are more cost-effective .

BYD Qin PLUS DM-i For example , It carries a 1.5L Atkinson cycle engine + Composed of motor “DM-i Super hybrid system ”. In terms of fuel economy alone , In fact, the power is not inferior to the Carola twin engine 、 Honda Lingpai hybrid, etc . It should be noted that , At the same price , Biadiqin PLUS DM-i The cost performance is much higher than Honda Lingpai . let me put it another way , The average selling price of BYD is higher than that of Volkswagen , More importantly, the gold content of product technology has been improved , Not the premium ability brought by the brand .

I believe many marketing professionals know , Any brand is composed of perceptual part and rational part . The ideal part is the product quality that we usually focus on , Including whether the product is reliable and durable . The perceptual part tends to be abstract , For example, brand image and so on . however , Compared with the rational part , The perceptual part is the key to the strength of brand premium ability . At present, although BYD has won the support of the people , However, there is still a big gap with the joint venture brand in the accumulation of brand image , So if BYD wants to hit a higher price range or joint venture with established car companies “ Break your wrist ”, It still takes some time to accumulate .

Can the public counter attack ?

According to the EV Sales data display ,2021 In the first half of the year, the global sales of electric vehicles exceeded 250 Thousands of cars , Share of total automobile market 6.3%; New energy vehicles registered in China in the first half of the year 110.3 Thousands of cars , Compared with the same period last year, it has increased by 77.4 Thousands of cars , growth 234.92%; First half of this year , BYD's new energy sales are 154579 car , The market share is about 14%,7 Month to month 20.3%. by comparison , tesla 、“ Wei Xiaoli ” Our market share is only 3.4%、10%.

let me put it another way , BYD new energy is a well deserved overlord in the Chinese market . however , Volkswagen is not at a loss , At this stage, we are changing this dilemma in a two pronged way , On the one hand, it makes efforts on traditional fuel vehicles , Keep launching Freon 、 Tu ang 、 The selling price is 30 Models with more than 10000 yuan , On the other hand, promote the mass electrification strategy ,ID.4 and ID.6 The prices are all at 20 More than ten thousand yuan . Although Volkswagen in the context of two-way output , The sales of its corresponding products have not been further improved , But it does not mean that there is no possibility of transcendence .

As for BYD , since 2020 Since then , BYD played many trumps , Including blade batteries 、DM-i Super hybrid system, etc , It has laid a foundation for BYD to become a leader in the new energy vehicle market . however , BYD is still facing many crises at this stage , For example, BYD is in the three electricity system 、 Whether the hybrid technology can continue to maintain leadership and innovation .

Take the blade battery as an example , Blade battery technology is one of the main forces to promote BYD's new energy development , It also contributed to raising the average selling price of BYD . However , With the development of the first generation of sodium ions in Ningde era 、 Independently developed by gac-e'an ” Clip battery ” Launch , Whether the blade battery can continue to maintain the leading technology remains to be studied . If BYD's technology can't maintain the leading level , Then it is bound to affect its market scale , Indirectly affect the average selling price of BYD .


The average selling price of independent brands is higher than that of joint venture brands, which means that consumers' recognition of independent brands is increasing . But on the Internet , Brother Tan still saw some netizens say :“ I used to buy BYD without money , Now I have no money to buy BYD .” Have to admit , Compared with the joint venture models of the same level , The cost performance of BYD products has been very high , But for many consumers, the price is still a little high . Regarding this , Many netizens expressed that , If BYD and other independent auto companies can better control production costs , Further improve cost performance , Then it will be more competitive .

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