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Zhang Yixing, a top-notch actor, knows better how to improve himself

2021-08-26 10:09:08 Oriental Information automobile

《 Black storm 》 It's a very popular TV play recently , I was going for sun Honglei , After watching the TV play , But also by Zhang Yixing circle powder .

Zhang Yixing's role in the play is Lin Hao , His acting in the play , It's natural .

Be able to play with many old operas without stage fright , It's not simple , in addition , Use original sound , It is also commendable .

I have seen some compliments on some social platforms , His performance in the anti crime storm was praised , Actually , As a top class Zhang Yixing , Better understand how to improve yourself .

What is most people's impression of Zhang Yixing ?

It's an original song ? He is the king of the stage ? Or how ?

I think , Top current 、 Small fresh meat and other labels , I'm afraid it's the most common , Most viewers don't pay much attention to newcomers , I don't care much about the development of new people .

Throughout the development of Zhang Yixing in recent years , It's not hard to find out , He has been quietly trying to improve himself , Increase exposure from multiple directions , Hope to let more people know him , Understand his abilities .

《 Challenge the limit 》 It's obviously a turning point , Through this reality show , Zhang Yixing has met many predecessors in the entertainment industry : Sun hong2 lei2 、 Huang Lei 、 Huang Bo .

Predecessors mean resources , Zhang Yixing has a good relationship with them , They also recognize Zhang Yixing's ability , Naturally, I am willing to take Zhang Yixing .

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