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The reputation gained by cost performance is reduced to 110000. The front face looks like Mercedes Benz. The design is finally attractive

2021-08-26 10:14:02 Oriental Information automobile

The competition among automobile brands is increasing , It is said that it is more and more difficult for a car to give full play , But if you look closely, you will find , Like the public exploring the mountains , View of path L, Honda CRV, in my opinion , This modern Tucson is obviously a better choice , It is not only the same, but also has good product power in all aspects , The price is also the lowest from a few years ago 17 Million fell to its lowest level today 11.58 ten thousand , The front face looks like a Mercedes Benz , Win reputation by cost performance , Thus, the cost performance is also better than Tiguan ,CRV Much higher , that , What kind of car is Hyundai Tucson ?

The body side , The new Tucson also shows a strong sense of movement . Although the waistline design is somewhat complex , But the designer gives the effect of three-dimensional carving of the car body through broken line processing , Under the effect of light and shadow , It gives the paint a high-grade feeling of diamond cutting . Modern also through bold design , Expressed the new Tucson movement 、 Young positioning , Compared with the old model, the shape is really exquisite .

The new Tucson's new intelligent enjoyment model , It is based on the Zhilian model , Added 10.25 Inch central control multimedia display , Baidu intelligent network connection system is integrated inside 、360° Panoramic images . Comfort and configuration , Electric adjustment of front passenger seat is added 、 Front seat heating function ; Intelligent technology configuration , There's more FCA Front collision warning 、LDW Lane departure warning 、LKA Lane Keeping Assist 、DAW Driver fatigue reminder 、 Blind area monitoring system and other functions , It is also equipped with intelligent electric tailgate , Overall configuration level main drive system .

Unlike previous generations , The new Tucson is not only a big change in shape , There will also be adjustments in the powertrain . according to motor1 The latest news of , In the future, the new Tucson introduced into the Asian market is expected to replace the same brand of the new sonata 1.5T And 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The maximum horsepower is respectively 170 horse 、240 horse , Better fuel economy . Drive system part , The new car is expected to match 7 speed DCT and 8AT transmission . Of course , We don't rule out 1.6T The possibility of powertrain appearing on domestic new cars , After all, cash 1.6T The power has reached 177 horse , It also meets the latest national six standards .

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