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Conscience SUV for the sake of the common people! Or a joint venture

2021-08-26 10:14:09 Oriental Information automobile

Starting at 4 More than ten thousand , Comply with national VI emission standards ,SUV And joint venture products and so on , No doubt he has become a Baojun 510 The killer mace that can win sales . Especially for working families and ordinary people , It can be said that it is more in line with their own car purchase needs . Although the sales volume is no longer, it is close to Harvard H6 The momentum , But the monthly sales are basically maintained at more than 10000 , Still the best at the same level . Well, I have a conscience that thinks only of the common people SUV It has a good reputation , What is the actual performance ? What are the advantages and disadvantages ?

For Baojun 510 The appearance of the , It's a place of personal praise . After all, compared with the previous family language with no design beauty and full sense of cheapness , At least there is a taste of thinking about boutiques . Which highlights the personality of the split headlights , meanwhile 19 This model further optimizes its tail lamp layout , All seem to be more in line with the aesthetic taste of young people . But the shortcomings are also very clear , The paint is thin , Quality control problems such as uneven joints , It can be said that it embodies the dripping perfection .

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