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The cars of the same day have become luxurious, and even the BBA may be defeated

2021-08-26 10:14:23 Oriental Information automobile

Japanese cars have given us the impression that they are stable and durable for many years 、 Save money and worry , It can be called the first choice of household scooters . Of course , It is precisely because of this orientation of being close to the people , So that most people know little about Japanese luxury , Plus the German Department BBA With preconceived advantages , When talking about luxury cars, most people naturally give priority to BBA, But what you don't know is , On that day, the car played a luxury , May even BBA We should also be willing to bow down to the disadvantage . For example, in the American luxury car market , The highest sales volume is BMW (2020 year ), The third place is Mercedes Benz , It seems to be similar to our domestic market , Belong to BBA Be in charge , But the difference is that Audi is not the second in sales , It's Lexus , Audi ranked fourth , This also represents the traditional meaning in China BBA, In the American market, it has become BBL.

Lexus is the gold lettered signboard of Japanese luxury brands , If BMW's luxury is handling , Audi's luxury is technology , Mercedes Benz's luxury is designed , Then the luxury of Lexus is the elegance and calm in its bones , Regardless of workmanship 、 Materials , Or the overall luxury temperament , Can be at the same price BBA I pulled my wrist , Even better in some ways . Take the recently launched new Lexus ES For example , It creates a sense of luxury 、 Ride comfort 、 After sales service and other aspects have the same level 5 system 、 Mercedes E level 、 audi A6L No advantages , And the price is more appropriate , by 29.49 ten thousand -48.89 ten thousand , While ensuring the luxury level, there is no loss of the high cost performance of Japanese cars . So what are the advantages of the new car ? Let's get to know .

Let's take the design level and gas field of luxury cars as an example , New Lexus ES It continues the family's classic spindle front face design , But there are some changes in the details , It has some beauty of horizontal flow , The shape of the headlight group and the flow direction of the lower sports kit also tend to be the same , With the spindle design of China open, thousands of mountains and rivers converge in one place , It looks quite domineering , The domineering spirit also reveals a trace of elegance and dignity , It's no exaggeration to say , Slightly better than BMW in the gas field 5 Department and Mercedes Benz E level . The interior performance is also commendable , Ingenious design technique and exquisite and luxurious high-grade cowhide 、 High grade walnut veneer 、 Exquisite laser edging process , It perfectly presents the grade and texture that should belong to the luxury car , And its layout is also very reasonable , It has both convenience and practicability . Worth mentioning , new ES In the original color matching, we also developed chapper brown 、 Snow night white and black 、 Autumn mountain chestnut and other color schemes , Further enrich consumers' choices .

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