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The highest domestic SUV is coming! The 2.0T is equipped with 8at gearbox, which has more space than hanlanda

2021-08-26 10:21:24 Oriental Information automobile

We can see the development of many Thai cars , Now its originality is getting higher and higher . In addition to today's Zhongtai T700 Outside , Its Zhongtai T600、T500 It was also popular at that time , It has been loved and trusted by many consumers , Because the quality of Zhongtai is very good in domestic cars , High reliability , High sexual price . Let's take a look at this amazing Zhongtai T700.

zhongtai T700 The front face is hexagonal “ babysbreath ” Air inlet grille , And chrome plating decoration . The headlamp is long and narrow in shape, and the interior is filled with LED Daytime running light , The shape is very fashionable , The lower grille is transversely penetrated , The large-area air inlet on both sides is more recognizable . And the originality of the front face is also very high , I still like it .

zhongtai T700 Straight creases on the side , Gently outline the three-dimensional effect of the car body , The air guide design and suspended roof are also added to make the body lighter 、 fashion . The bottom of the side window is decorated with chrome trim , More refined . Body size, length, width and height are respectively :4748/1933/1697mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm, The space performance of the same level model hanlanda is not as big as it .

zhongtai T700 The interior design is atmospheric and fashionable , Two color interior design style is young 、 A dynamic , The three spoke multifunction steering wheel is decorated with chrome . The central 10 The Inch Touch Screen adds a sense of technology to the interior . In addition, bright black piano paint panel is also used in a large area 、 Cortex 、 Chrome plated trim strip, etc , Greatly improved the sense of interior grade . Personally feel , The sense of luxury is no less than that of Land Rover .

zhongtai T700 The tail design is full and domineering , And has a strong sense of beauty , The transverse tail lamp adopts LED The light source , The lighting effect is very sharp and exquisite , The square exhaust port is chrome plated to highlight the texture , The interior is also decorated with the same grain as the front face, and the roof shark fin antenna is equipped with a spoiler , Make the car more sporty .

zhongtai T700 configuration , All standard LED headlight 、 Daytime running light 、 Electrically adjust the exterior rearview mirror and side turn signal lamp 、 Heat up the outer rearview mirror 、 Roof luggage rack 、 Shark fin antenna 、 Rear privacy glass and other configurations , According to different models, the power folding of exterior rearview mirror is provided 、 Electric telescopic welcome pedal 、 Panoramic power sunroof 、 Full virtual dashboard 、 Panoramic image and independent air conditioning in three zones .

zhongtai T700 Power on , Carrying 1.8T Turbocharged engines and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The maximum power of the former is 130kW, Maximum torque 245N.m, And what matches that is 6 Double clutch gearbox . The maximum power of the latter is 140kW, Maximum torque 250N.m, And what matches that is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . The overall dynamic performance is still very excellent , Enough to meet the needs of family cars , And do you have a heart ?

source : China Star circle

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