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Luxury cars are common. Have you seen one with swimming pool and apron? This one is even more powerful. There are 26 wheels alone

2021-08-26 10:24:28 Oriental Information automobile

With the development of economy , The improvement of people's economic level , More and more people are joining the car owners , Buying a car is no longer out of reach , Millions or even tens of millions of luxury cars can be seen almost everywhere on the road , But you've seen the most “ Howe ” What kind of car is your car ? Xiaobian dares to promise that he will never catch up with this car , Even in history, this car has a name , How... How big is this car “ Howe ”, Wheels alone have 26 individual , The restaurant . The bar and everything are weak , Even the pool and the apron .

The luxury of this historic luxury car is absolutely beyond your imagination , As I said before , Its wheels have 26 There are so many , The total length of the body is 30 meters , Compare with it , Elongated Lincoln or something “ It's just a brother ”, The total weight of the car has also reached nearly 10 Tons of , Just looking from the outside, I've lost my chin ? Then open its door , You will find that the appearance is just Pediatrics .

Open the door , You will find that the interior space of the car is fully utilized , The restaurant . The bar is nothing at all , Like a bedroom . The reception room is also essential , Even more surprising , There is also a swimming pool that can be opened and closed at the rear of the vehicle , If you cover the top of the swimming pool , It's a small apron , It can be used for private small helicopters to land , It's extremely luxurious , If you use all the space inside , Can accommodate more than 200 passengers , This is not a car , It's an independent kingdom .

Someone may be curious : Who bought such a luxurious car ? in fact , The car was refitted from a Cadillac , Produced in the last century 90 The United States of America , It has probably been 30 many years , It also has a very nice name :“ The American dream ”, Speaking of this, friends who know a little about history have guessed , you 're right , stay 30 When the American dream flooded years ago , People want to build an incomparable luxury car , It should include all the elements of the car , Can do everything you want in the car , This also represents the limit of people's car making at that time , So what's the price of this car ? The answer is :3000 More than $million , Even in the 30 Today, years later , This is still almost astronomical , Not to mention in the last century 90 years .

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