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Or active air power kit with spy photo of Porsche 911 GT3 rs

2021-08-26 10:24:32 Car pull

In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of the latest brand-new Porsche 911 GT3 RS Test spy photos of . before , Spy photos of the new car have been exposed , The photos exposed this time allow us to see more details about the new car , Among them, the kit suspected of active aerodynamics is of great concern .

For Porsche 911 I believe you are already very familiar with the appearance of , And this time through the spy photos, we can see a new 911 GT3 RS Aerodynamic details . The new car is designed with two air ducts on the hood , Three wind guide fins are mounted on the side near the center of the cover , To further optimize the overall aerodynamic . in addition , Above the front fender of the new car , It also has a very obvious vent shape , The wind guide structure can also be seen inside , Then refer to the shape of the suspected vent covered by camouflage on both sides of the bumper , Infer that the new car may be equipped with Porsche PAA Active aerodynamics .

This Porsche PAA The active aerodynamics system can be realized through the aerodynamics structure which can be actively adjusted in many places of the vehicle body , Meet the different requirements of the body for downforce under different driving conditions , Some similar F1 Racing DRS System , is “ Black science and technology ” 了 . Such a system may appear in 911 GT3 RS On such a vehicle that can legally go on the road , Its performance is really expected .

The rear side , The new car is equipped with an oversized spoiler , Its shape is extremely exaggerated . At the same time, it also has an active regulating mechanism , Through the adjustment of spoiler angle , It can actively control the downforce at the rear of the car , To meet the needs of different working conditions . Compared with such an eye-catching tail , The air diffuser at the bottom of the rear and the central double outlet exhaust are not so dazzling .

motivation , There have been reports , The new car is expected to carry maximum power 550 horsepower 4.0L Horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine , matching 7 speed PDK Double clutch gearbox .

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