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The official refitted tank ranger was officially listed for 248800 yuan

2021-08-26 10:24:35 Car pull

8 month 21 Japan , tanks 300 The official modified version of — The tank Ranger model was officially offline and listed in Chongqing workshop . New cars are available only 1 Model configuration , The price is 24.88 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is an official modified model launched by the tank brand in cooperation with Yunliang off-road , While meeting the more personalized needs of users , You can also go on the road legally .

aesthetic , The new car will be offered with Ranger green 、 Grey too wave 、 I want to be orange 、 There are four body colors of black pineapple , The unique naming method and personalized color make the new car very special . The grille and headlights of the new car continue the design of the ordinary model , But a new front surround , Its shape is more broad and wild than the ordinary model , And equipped with a rectangular anti-collision block . meanwhile , The new car is also integrated in the front bar WARN capstan , The overall practicability has also been further improved . It is worth mentioning that , The new car is also designed with a large ventilation opening above the hood , And equipped with wading throat , Further increase the wading capacity of the new car .

The side of the new car is equipped with a black guard with more exquisite details , The metal pedal on the side of the car has complex lines to ensure its anti-skid performance . As report goes , The new car is equipped with shock absorbers jointly customized by Yunliang off-road and Koman , Support adjustable compression damping , To improve the suspension adaptability of the new car under a variety of complex road conditions .

On the caboose side , The new car hasn't made much adjustment , The vertical tail lights and the back mounted spare tire have been retained , However, the black surrounding shape at the lower part is slightly adjusted .

motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 2.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 227 horsepower , Peak torque 387 Newton meters , Match vertical 8AT transmission , And equipped with time-sharing 4WD system .

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