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Red flag L5 mass production exposure, this time I know why it is worth five million

2021-08-26 10:35:34 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of millions of luxury large business cars , Many people think of Rolls Royce and Bentley . But China's independent R & D and production of the red flag L5 models , It has absolutely no inferior quality to Rolls Royce . However, in the past, the red flag car was mostly used as a special car for national leaders , There are few mass-produced models , If you have money, you can't buy “ Rare things ”. And now the red flag car finally put the red flag L5 The car is officially on sale , So that the local tyrants can be eager to try again , Feel the experience of a first seat driver .

From the mass production version released by the Ministry of industry and information technology L5 As can be seen from the declaration chart , There is little difference between the new car and the concierge version , Just removed the red flag sign on the hood . The front face is still a large straight waterfall chrome plated air inlet grille , Straight cylinder round headlamp set ; A chrome plated trim strip on the front bumper runs through the left and right , On both sides are circular fog lamps that reflect the headlights ; On the whole, it is dignified and steady .

The red flag L5 The body size of mass production models is long 5555mm wide 2018mm high 1578mm, Wheelbase reached 3435mm; And USES the 2+2 Of 4 Seat layout . The side of the car , A chrome strip runs through the front and back , Smooth and powerful waistline , Equipped with multi width large wheel hub , It looks very thick and steady .

The rear design is relatively rigid and straight , The angular lines are full of power . The vertical tail lamp has a three-dimensional shape and is decorated with decorative strips , The atmosphere is incomparable , In the middle of the tail lamp group is “ The red flag ” Word identification , Highly recognizable .

And in the interior , It shows the essence of luxury . A lot of bright wood materials , Soft leather with fine workmanship . The central instrument panel design shows its unique personality , Two piece retro steering wheel , Without losing composure in personality . One of the biggest highlights is that it can provide stars 、 lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy 、 Green treasure evergreen 、 Colorful and other special interior totem options , Let car owners enjoy personalized choices .

motivation , The red flag L5 The mass production version will be equipped with a code named CA8GV40T-01 Of 4.0T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 290 kw , Maximum speed is 220 km / Hours .

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