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What to buy q5l? At the age of 30, it has full face and fell by 70000

2021-08-26 10:35:38 Oriental Information automobile

Some people say , BMW X5, Range Rover , Porsche Cayenne is the dream car in the eyes of many men , Others say , Can't afford a BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne doesn't matter , Own a BMW X3 Satisfied , Drive a BMW X3 get out , It's as classy as driving anywhere , There is no lack of return rate , It is worth mentioning that , BMW X3 At present, the selling price has fallen by nearly 7 ten thousand , therefore , The minimum 32.98 For many people, the price of 10000 won't be like BMW X5 So unattainable , You can even afford to bite your teeth , We look at the market performance , BMW X3 And really did very well , Just in the past 4 month , According to the same level , BMW X3 Also sold a total of 12718 car , It's fascinating .

Also as a medium and high-end luxury SUV, When it comes to BMW X3 After some understanding, it is not difficult to find , It can be said that BMW X3 In many aspects, it shows a better side than most cars of the same level , Remember the first time I saw it , The temperament of the whole car is really great , BMW's iconic double kidney grille in the mesh and on both sides " The angel eyes "LED With the headlights , It really makes the visual impact of the whole front of the car quite radical , Just look at the blue sky and white clouds BMW The logo can fascinate , And from the side , BMW X3 The whole car body is also very stable , Hale and hearty , The addition of suspended roof , What's more, let your due temperament add points , in my opinion , Than Mercedes GLC, audi Q5L It's much more beautiful .

Besides having a solid manufacturing process , BMW X3 In the whole car 40 Noise reduction has also been done in many places , Anti noise optimization , At the same time, it is equipped with double-layer sound insulation windows , So as to get close to 0 Sound insulation effect , It's really good , The body length, width and height are respectively 4717*1891*1689mm, The wheelbase has also been extended to 2864mm.

On the interior , As soon as you get into the car , It can be said that you can also feel BMW very well X3 The luxury presented , A classy atmosphere , And the interior of the car has been covered with a large area of leather and decorated with piano baking paint , Make the touch in the car , comfort , The texture is also better than we think , What's more difficult , BMW X3 After the change , And BMW X7 The same virtual LCD dashboard , Have to say , Instantly enhance the sense of technology in the car .

And in the power system , BMW X3 It also reflects the upper middle level of cars of the same level , The whole system is equipped with a high and low power adjusted 2.0T The engine , Step on the accelerator , BMW X3 Be able to burst out 252 Horsepower output , And the whole series is equipped with timely 4WD as standard , In order to better enhance the driving sense of the owner , The whole series of models also match the transmission system 8AT transmission .

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