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From now on, these kinds of cars will be banned at high speed and a fine of 2000 yuan will be imposed

2021-08-26 10:39:07 Oriental Information automobile

The regulations on the highway are becoming more and more strict , It's not just the speed limit, there are many other problems , For example, these kinds of cars have been banned on the highway , If the traffic police find out, they will be fined 2000, This will never be tolerated , It's no use even if your father is Li Gang .

The first is the superelevation and overrun truck , Because our country has adjusted the high-speed charge , From the previous weight charge to the axle charge , So some drivers like to put more goods on the car , Even overload . Because the drivers think , If you don't, you'll suffer too much , Whether the car is empty or full, it is a charge , Then why not bring more goods ?

But the new rules , Overloaded trucks can't pass the toll station , You'll be stopped by the traffic police at the toll station . Because the inspection of vehicles by relevant departments is becoming more and more strict , Especially for trucks , Once found 2000 A fine of more than yuan will leave you , The plot can be as bad as 1 Ten thousand yuan and direct revocation of driver's license .

The first 2 Class is also very serious , That's the overcrowded vehicle , Now there are more and more black cars , Obviously, there are a lot of private cars. We can drive out by ourselves , But some people like to take black cars . These black cars also like to pull more people , This can make more money , However, overloaded vehicles have very serious potential safety hazards , After a car accident, a car died .

Finally, the van , The van has always been the object of strict investigation by the traffic police , The same goes for the highway . However, it is not ordinary vans that are forbidden to get on the high speed , It's the mixed loading of passengers and goods 、 Pasted with dark film, and the light transmittance does not meet the standard , The traffic police will stop it , Deduct three points 200.

source : Qingluan period

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