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As like as two peas of big brands, the owner of BMW's fire broke out.

2021-08-26 10:39:10 Oriental Information automobile

As the saying goes, a car is like a man , A car is a man's first 2 A business card , In today's era, cars are no longer just ordinary means of transportation , But a symbol of the owner's identity and status . When car owners with different personalities buy cars, they will choose different brand types , You can infer your character from the car you drive . A great God summarized the characteristics of car owners of major brands on the Internet , Painted their self portraits . Owners of major brands “ self-portrait ”, BMW upstart owners are on fire , As like as two peas .

The first 1 On the list are BMW owners , BMW is BBA The three camps are famous for their excellent handling , It is also very hot in the domestic automobile market . The self portrait of the BMW owner is simple and rough , The man in the portrait is wearing a big gold chain and a small diamond watch , There's a big wallet under my arm , Looks like a nouveau riche . Look carefully at the large and small rings and jewelry on his left hand , Really a local tyrant .

After watching the BMW owner , Let's look at the Audi owners , Audi is in BBA The price is relatively cheap in , Known for its balance . The image of the Audi owner also looks very vivid , The car owner in the photo is very polite with small glasses , The hair has taken on a Mediterranean posture , Explain that the owner's age is at least 50 year . Most Audi owners are older , Wear tooling , Engage in stable work .

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