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2020 Haval F5 is officially launched and the configuration is upgraded

2021-08-26 10:39:15 Oriental Information automobile

aesthetic , A new generation of Harvard F5 My design style is very spiritual . The front part of the car , The car was finally replaced with a larger vent , Black trim panel filled inside , Make the front of the car look both atmospheric and mysterious , Greatly enhance the visual impact of the front of the car . Although the price of new cars has decreased , Only the lowest model is equipped with halogen light source , But all other models use LED headlight , And decorated with daily lights , In terms of configuration, the car performs really well .

In terms of size , New haver F5 The body looks sporty . Although the waistline does not have a through design , But the curved body design has a full sense of body design , Fit with sliding back roof , Makes this car look younger . The rear part , The car has the visual sense of Audi model , In particular, the tail row of rectangular design , Make the tail look powerful , Cooperate with the car 4470*1857*1638mm Length, width, height and 2680mm The wheelbase , The advantage of space is more obvious .

Enter the interior of the car , The center console of the car will adopt a simple design , Only the multimedia display screen and strength buttons are more attractive , Even in the shift lever position, there are only storage compartments and electronic handbrakes , This minimalist style looks particularly easy to use . configuration , The car's remote control center 、 Support remote start 、 Automatic air conditioning and other functions . In order to relieve the tiredness of long-distance driving , The front seats of the car support the front 、 after 、 high 、 Low four direction adjustment , Plus optional heating function , The ride comfort performance is very good .

motivation , All the new cars are equipped with 1.5T The engine ,168 Horsepower and 285 Nm is the parameter of the engine , And 6MT\7DCT After matching the transmission , The fuel consumption per 100 km is 6.9 l . Because the chassis of the car inherits the advantages of the previous generation , Overall feeling position , The comfort is just right , When crossing the deceleration belt, just control the speed , Almost no obvious vibration is felt , It can be seen that the shock absorption effect of the car is good .

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