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0.6 displacement cars sell well in Japan and Europe. Why not in China?

2021-08-26 10:44:05 Oriental Information automobile

For this kind of 0.6 Small displacement car , No exaggeration can compare with a motorcycle , But this kind of small displacement car is very popular in Japan, Europe and other countries , If you have friends in Japan, you will notice that there are all kinds of small and exquisite models on the street , The license plate is generally yellow and black . According to the data of Japan Automobile Association : Small cars used by Japanese families account for... Percent 54, In the county, it is even higher, up to 90. In Europe, there are as many small cars as 320 Ten thousand units , Then someone will ask , Their country is open 0.6 Doesn't a car with a displacement feel meat ? The little editor asked , If it's meat , Will this small car sell well in their country ?

Many consumers are interested in this 0.6 Small cars with large displacement have great doubts , That Xiaobian takes Toyota's big hair Copen As an example, , Toyota Copen Pick up a 659cc A turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 68 horsepower (48kw), 100km only 11.7s, And the top speed reached 142 km / Hours . thus it can be seen , This small displacement and low speed are not equal . And the problem has been verified , According to local car owners in Japan : Every hour 120 km , Plus turning on the air conditioner is enough . This kind of small displacement car is also relatively cheap in price , Flexible and small, don't say , The road maintenance fee is cheap , For commuting , Buying vegetables and picking up children are very practical . Although it's a small displacement car , The price is not high , But there will be no cutting corners in workmanship and interior decoration .

In contrast, in China, except Mercedes Benz smart And BMW mini In addition to the introduction of luxury brands , Other niche brands have not been introduced into China , The most important thing is that the price is too high , If imported , You can buy a compact one at this price SUV 了 , And luxury brands like Mercedes Benz and BMW are not something that ordinary people can afford , Looking at China's auto market, there are also many domestic mini cars , For example, Chery has launched a 800cc Version of mini car , cheap 、 Rough 、 The words "weak power" are deeply printed in the hearts of consumers , image 0.6 Displacement cars are basically not considered for domestic people . Moreover, this kind of mini car is not popular in the domestic market , Naturally, there are no advantages , Even if this small car is launched , The response in the domestic market will also be unsatisfactory .

And these mini cars, which are very popular in Japan and Europe , With the encouragement and support of the government , In all kinds of taxes 、 yearly inspection 、 Insurance is much cheaper than cars with high displacement , This has also become one of the reasons .

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