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BYD Tang was rear ended by Wuling Hongguang. Owner: the car lies down directly, and the road tank is not covered

2021-08-26 10:53:00 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years, the main brands have been competing for the first force , Have achieved good results , More and more domestic cars are seen on the street . I don't know your impression of BYD ? The BYD road tank has been circulating in the car circle , In the collision of daily life , BYD suffered less damage , Looks strong , So netizens call BYD . And its Tang series has reached the second generation , In terms of security, is it like what netizens say “ tanks ” Well ? We might as well look at it through a traffic accident .

In recent days, , A BYD Tang car owner shared such a traffic accident in the Forum , According to the owner's description ,“ I bought this car for its appearance , There is a high rate of return , But the first time I picked up the car 6 genius 300 km ,, Being chased like this , No internal injuries yet , It's depressing .”

BYD Tang's rear end is a Wuling Hongguang Van , The accident caused different degrees of damage to the two vehicles , After moving the car , It is found that the front of Wuling Hongguang directly becomes a big depression , The front bumper is broken , The middle net is concave on one side and tilted on the other side , The right headlamp is broken , Incidentally, it affects the arch slab on the side , The engine hood is deformed and bulged . In contrast, BYD Tang , The main damage is the sunken part of the trunk , The rear lamp is damaged , Everything else is OK , Regarding this , The owner said ,“ God's car just lay down , Call your Trailer , Road tanks are not built !”

For this accident , Some netizens commented ,“ Xin Tang has a high appearance value , The configuration is also very high-end , It can be seen that it is very thick after being hit by Wuling divine vehicle , Good security , But drive carefully !” Some netizens said ,“ BYD's new generation of Tang is a road tank , Quality really doesn't have to be said , Hard enough !” Some netizens also said ,“ Wuling shenche was badly hurt , God's car lost !”

summary : In this accident , Although in the rear end accident , It is often the relatively fragile front that suffers , But judging from the damage , Everyone has an intuitive understanding of BYD , The position of the rear end collision is not the rear bumper , There is such a performance , No wonder netizens call it “ Road tank ” 了 , What do you think ?

source : China Star circle

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