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Larger grille / split headlight BMW i7 latest rendering

2021-08-26 10:53:03 Oriental Information automobile

【 Old driver news - Wang TongZhou 】 I got a new generation of BMW based on unpublished from foreign media 7 system (G70) The BMW i7 rendering , The rendering uses a new idea , Make it closer to the effect of mass production . From the rendering view , The double kidney grille of the new car is further enlarged , Approach the lights on both sides , Split headlights will become the iconic design of new cars . The new car may have a new style “ The hood ”, BMW's logo looks more like a stand without bracket , The angle is more vertical . The overall proportion of new cars is similar to that of cash , The front overhang looks shorter ,C The line of the column has a slight slip back curve , The door handle will be replaced with i4 The same semi hidden electronic switch , These are the rendering ideas found in spy photos . The appearance of the tail lamp will basically maintain the current model design , Because it is a pure electric model , So there is no need for exhaust layout , The bumper is fully surrounded . The interior of the new car is probably double screen system , And the central console 、 The steering wheel style will change , The car engine system is iDrive 8.0. Brand new BMW 7 The Department may be released next spring , Speculation at that time i7 Will also appear together . At present, the information available is ,i7 Or will be launched i740、i750 and i7 M60 Three models , among i740 It's the only rear drive model , Maximum power of motor 400kW; Battery optional 80/100/120kWh, among 120kWh The battery can provide about 700km Of WLTP Operating range .

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