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Can you raise money by making cars? This sports car is more handsome than Bugatti. Unfortunately, it only raised 9000 yuan

2021-08-26 11:12:13 Oriental Information automobile

The car circle has been particularly lively in recent years , Except for those old car companies , And new forces of car building are pouring in . But building a car doesn't mean that you can build it , Tens of thousands of parts on a car need a complete supply chain , And building a car itself requires a high cost , To put it bluntly, it is a money burning industry , If the money is not strong enough , It's almost empty talk .

ZAVA The sports car

So most of the new forces behind car building have massive financial support , Some auto companies even start listing before they have a real car . But there are always entrepreneurs who don't follow the routine , For example, a new car making force from Italy recently came up with a good idea , That is to use crowdfunding channels to build cars .

ZAVA The sports car

Crowdfunding has indeed realized many entrepreneurial dreams , But crowdfunding seems to be the first time I've heard . The name is ZAVA The car company has released the design drawings of the new car , Positioning is a pure electric supercar , The design is really very popular . The overall architecture looks more like F1 formula car , The theoretical limit speed can reach 360 Km / h .

ZAVA The sports car

But the whole car is only equipped with one seat , If such a car is not a professional car player , I guess others won't be too interested . Because this car is cool enough , But only one person can sit , How to go out and fall in love ? And the way you open the door is wonderful , Not the traditional scissors door and gull wing door , But just lift it and drill in , It's like the trunk .

ZAVA The sports car

At present, the crowdfunding project of this car has been obtained 1200 euro , It's just more than 9000 yuan , The crowdfunding channel is also about to close . This situation is a little embarrassing , The ideal is beautiful , But everyone's enthusiasm for this car doesn't seem to be high , Trying to build a super sports car with thousands of dollars is almost a dream , This car seems destined to be a dusty drawing

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