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"Black afraid girl": Lin Fan said frankly that he had never had dinner with his parents

2021-08-26 11:12:24 Oriental Information automobile

“ The pain of the original family , Some people spend their lives healing .”

In the recent broadcast 《 Black afraid of girls 》, The heat is also a lot , On the program , Lin Fan and others are eating , And Lin Fan's sudden speech also attracted netizens' heartache . What's the matter , Let's take a look .

Lin fan has never had dinner with his parents

In the program , Lin fan has dinner with several people at once , Lin Fan also said , Live to the present , I haven't had dinner with my parents yet . As soon as this word comes out , Others were also a little surprised , Why is Lin fan so big and hasn't had dinner with his parents .

(1) Parents divorced when they were young

In the interview after the program, Lin Fan also said , Before I was born , Parents have already started quarrelling , After giving birth to her, the two divorced directly , My parents also left home , I was raised by my grandmother . In high school , Lin Fan's mother is back again , But Lin fan, who has been unfamiliar with the word mother since childhood , I'm not used to it , Because I'm not familiar .

Lin Fan calls his mother aunt Yao . It can also understand why , Because Lin fan doesn't know his mother well , When I was a child, I didn't have my mother's company , When you grow up, you should shout the word mother , I'm sure I won't get used to it .

(2) The feelings for grandma are more profound

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