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Xie Na will record the special session of kuaben with the help of Zhao Liying, or disclose the information of her second child in the program

2021-08-26 11:28:46 Oriental Information automobile

Shana left because she was pregnant 《 Happy camp 》 It's been a long time , Except that we haven't seen her for a long time , I know nothing about her second child , But recently, I finally heard from Shana .

In recent days, , Some netizens took a video of Xie Na showing up at the airport , This is her first appearance after giving birth to her second child , Xie Na in the video is wearing a white blouse with a pair of black pants , Holding pink flowers , Looks in a very good mood .

It is reported that , Shana is going to 《 Happy camp 》22 Day and 23 Day's program recording , This is Shana's first show since she returned to fast Ben , The battle will not be small , According to a source , The program invited a lot of Shana's friends , We're going to have a special show for Shana alone .

Everyone saw Zhao Liying before seeing Xie Na at the airport , Because as Shana's good friend , Zhao Liying will also participate in the recording of this issue of happy camp , Yang Di also participated in the recording with Zhao Liying 、 Shen Ling 、 Liu Wei and so on , They are all Shana's good friends .

It seems that the program team is looking forward to Shana's comeback , It can be said that he has exhausted his mind , But what we are most interested in is the second child problem of Xie Na and Zhang Jie , For such a long time, the two have kept it a secret , It's also enough to satisfy everyone's appetite .

As early as new year's day this year , Zhang Jie and Xie Na announced that Xie Na was pregnant , In May this year , Some netizens took pictures of Zhang Jie and Xie Na appearing in the hospital together in Hong Kong , At that time, Shana's abdomen was relatively flat , Many netizens speculated that Xie Na had already given birth .

The reason for the two people's delay in making public , We also have different views , Some people say it's to protect children's privacy , Others say they don't want to occupy public resources , Others say that the second child is still a girl , Zhang Jie is very angry about this .

But there is news that , Shana wants to put the information about her second child in 《 Happy camp 》 It was exposed on the stage , Because she wants to dedicate the flow to her mother's platform , Why do you say that ? Because mango station is good to Shana , It is obvious to all .

Not just this second pregnancy , Back when Shana was pregnant , Mango station gave Shana enough vacation , So that Shana can have children at ease , And kept the host's position for Shana all the time , And after Shana came back , And live up to the expectations of mango station , stay 《 Happy camp 》 The position of is still irreplaceable .

Mango station is so good to Shana , Plus a lot of things happened some time ago , There is no good time to disclose the second child information , This time Shana is back 《 Happy camp 》 It's a great opportunity .

But the official has not given a formal announcement , As for whether Xie Na will disclose her second child information in the program ? Let's wait quietly for the broadcast of the program !

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