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The fuel consumption is 3.7L. Who wants to buy corolla? It needs fire when it goes public

2021-08-26 11:35:01 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, many people care about cars , After all, many people buy cars , Pay great attention to the fuel volume of the car and the speed along the straight line , Like Nissan's car , In fact, the sales volume in China is very good , For example, Toyota's Camry , Cars like corolla have a certain status , stay b Class cars are also very popular , Today, I'd like to introduce a divine car comparable to corolla , Fuel consumption only needs 3.7L, It will be hot after it goes on the market , I won't let you down .

In fact, this car is a car from FAW , There may be many people who don't know very well , After all, there was wheat before, and now it has stopped , But driving itself is really better , Every aspect is very good , That's brand new ns2, First of all, from the appearance, the performance of this car is very excellent , As a family car , There is definitely beauty , I'm sure I won't let you down .

The performance of the car in terms of size is also quite satisfactory , Because the size of the car basically reaches 4531×1720×4830mm Maximum speed can be reached 2500mm Such a car , Although the space is not too rich , But as a household, it is absolutely enough , After all, the price is cheap , This makes many people very addicted , Also very satisfied .

motivation , It's definitely a highlight of this car. After all, many people care about this car , But from the data, you won't be disappointed , It's using 1.8l The engine of , The maximum horsepower can reach 113 horse , The peak torque value is 170n.m, It's definitely calm enough to drive , Fuel consumption 3.7l It is beyond the reach of many cars , It won't let you feel very disappointed , It must make you feel very beautiful .

I don't know what people think of this car , Many people like it , But it's likely that you can't buy it anymore , Many people care about such cars , More economical than LA Lola , Such a car won't let you down , What do you think ?

source : China Star circle

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