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Jianghuai, who dares to go on the road with a piece of paper, is the real version hiding his ears and stealing his bell? Traffic policeman: it's not negotiable to deduct you 12 points

2021-08-26 11:35:06 Oriental Information automobile

Now, with people's life getting better and better , As a means of transportation, cars are making life more and more convenient , It's not just private people who use cars when they travel to work , Many units also often need to use cars when working , But then there are more violations of laws and regulations on the road , In this case , China's traffic laws and regulations have been constantly improving , And the traffic police will also check on the road , Once found, they will be severely punished , For a driver's license , There is only... In a year 12 branch , Once the driver's license is deducted, it will be revoked , You need to go to the driving school to take the test again , Because of that , Only then did someone use a crooked brain , A JAC car stuck a piece of paper on the rear window and went on the road , It can be called a real-life version , After being found by the traffic police, it's natural to detain you 12 It's not negotiable .

We all know , In traffic regulations , Once the number plate is blocked, it is directly deducted 12 branch , No matter what part is covered , This is because once occlusion occurs , Then the electronic eye will not be able to capture the vehicle , Vehicle violations will also escape law enforcement . But even such severe punishment , There are still people who take risks .

This is a JAC van , Looks like there's nothing wrong with this car , But if we look closely, we will find , The license plate behind the car was partially obscured , But the owner didn't seem to mean it , He put a note on his back window , It says that the license plate is damaged and is being repaired , Here is your real license plate number , Many people may think that the driver's behavior is understandable , Because maybe I didn't mean to , But the van was still stopped by the traffic police , Buckle 12 Point penalty .

In fact, the traffic police are not unreasonable , Because the general license plate replacement vehicle management office will provide a receipt , The owner must bring the receipt when he goes on the road , But the owner of this JAC car can't provide , It can be seen from this that , The car owner's number plate is not broken , But deliberately shielding , The so-called make-up is just an excuse , So eventually they will be punished , Even the traffic police said , In fact, I didn't notice the number plate at the beginning , Because the white note is so obvious , It's the number plate you see when you see the note first , It was found that the owner deliberately blocked the number plate .

When we were young, we all learned the story of hiding our ears and stealing our bells , This is basically a realistic version , It's really smart, but I was mistaken by smart , It's normal not to want to be deducted , But you should reduce your violations , Instead of playing smart to cover up your number plate , You also know some examples of smart people being mistaken by smart people ?

source : Qingluan period

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