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What else do you see with it? Langyi looks better than Xuanyi when you drive out. The fuel consumption is 5.5L

2021-08-26 11:37:50 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, people's income has been greatly improved , Therefore, in the pursuit of the quality of life , It also has higher requirements . Buying a car has become one of the ways to change the quality of life , After all, with a car , It's more convenient to travel , Occasionally I can take a self driving tour , Visiting relatives and friends in the new year is also more face .

In terms of the current car market , German cars and Japanese cars will be more popular . German brands naturally need not say more , As the first brand to enter China , It appears in every subdivision of automobile . Japanese cars are one of the favorite models of young consumers at present , In addition to having a fashionable appearance , Its fuel consumption cost is also very suitable for ordinary travel . Today's protagonist - Toyota leiling is a remarkable boutique joint venture car . What else do you see with it , Open out , Better than Xuanyi , Fuel consumption 5.5L Insufficient 12 ten thousand .

First of all , In the design of appearance , The new leiling still continues the design style of the old one , But it also adds more trendy elements . The air inlet grille with large opening in the front shall be blackened , With sharp headlights , The front looks domineering . Plus the sliding roof 、17 Inch wheels 、 Smoke tail lamp , In my opinion, drive out , It's much better than Xuanyi , Yes u More attractive to consumers .

second , Its body is 4640mm, The wheelbase is 2700, This size makes its space have the first-class level at the same level . And in the design of the car , There have also been some changes . The centre console is decorated with chrome trim , Some models are also equipped with 9 Inch center panel , More classy . The key is the fuel consumption of the car 5.5L Insufficient 12 ten thousand , What else do you see with it , From its 7 Month over 2 Ten thousand sales , It can be seen that it has been recognized by the majority of consumers .

Third , Provide... In power 1.2T and 1.8L The engine of , The former is the gasoline version , And stepless cvt Brand of transmission , The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 5.5L; The latter is a hybrid version , And e-cvt The transmission matches , The maximum power is 98 horsepower . Based on such a power system , With excellent chassis adjustment and three amplitude steering wheel , Its sense of control is as good as Civic .

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