current position:Home>"Anti Mafia storm" Lao Ning is Gao Mingyuan's most trusted. He is very loyal to Gao Mingyuan. What is the outcome of Lao Ning?

"Anti Mafia storm" Lao Ning is Gao Mingyuan's most trusted. He is very loyal to Gao Mingyuan. What is the outcome of Lao Ning?

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《 Black storm 》, Killer Lao Ning should be the first villain to appear , He is a man without status , Always work for Gao Mingyuan , Killed a lot of people for him . I'll talk to you today ,《 Black storm 》 What is the ending of Lao Ning ?

In the end , Chen Jianbo became an important witness , Li Chengyang goes to dig Mai Zili's body , Gao Mingyuan at this time 、 Cao Peng 、 Mayor Wu 、 He Yun and other gangs have been delayed by the name of the central counseling group meeting .

Dajiang and Xing fan have been protecting Chen Jianbo , I didn't expect Lao Ning to kill people . After a fight , Xing fan was stabbed and seriously injured , Dajiang and Lao Ning died together !

fortunately , Chen Jianbo left with Xing fan , And sent Xing fan to the hospital , A little conscience , Xing fan was rescued , Dajiang and Lao Ning are dead .

Gao Mingyuan doesn't believe anyone , But what he believed most was Lao Ning , Lao Ning is also loyal to him , Because Gao Mingyuan saved him . Gao Mingyuan gave Lao Ning money to fly away , Lao Ning gave up this opportunity .

Before Gao Mingyuan's accident , Told Zheng Yihong, the adopted daughter , If something happens to you , She drove the inspection free car in the garage . Zheng Yihong never thought , Gao Mingyuan put a bomb in the car early , Zheng Yihong's originally closed mouth is now pried open , Tell the whole truth about Gao Mingyuan's crime .

From here we can see , Gao Mingyuan doesn't believe anyone at all , He also wanted to kill Zheng Yihong .

In fact, in the final outcome , It's a relatively perfect ending , Li Chengyang and the landlady of the wonton shop , The restoration police became Lin Hao's master , Lin Hao and Huang Xi came together .

Through a network closing meeting , Gao Mingyuan 、 Cao Zhishu was invited to , Li Chengyang went to dig Mai Zili's body under the bridge all night , The next morning, dig out , Everything began to unravel .

Dong Yao was forced to turn himself in to save his family , Frame Li Chengyang , Later, I learned that Gao Mingyuan threatened his family , After the family was protected by the police , Plead guilty to hurting Mai Zili , Start exposing Gao Mingyuan . He Yun was arrested to save Sun Xing , Sun Xing was killed , He Yun turned herself in with a confession .

Chen Jianbo was in charge of burying the corpse , Gao Mingyuan sent Lao Ning to kill him after he knew he was missing , In order to protect Chen Jianbo and Lao Ning, Dajiang died together . The last senior official Wang Zheng was detained during the meeting , And he and Gao Mingyuan were finally sentenced to death .

For 14 years, this evil force , Commit crime 54 rise , In Mai Zi's case 6 People have been killed ,30 Many people were injured , Last , The curtain has finally come to an end .

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